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“Mega Wash”

Creators: Hemilly, David, Arianna
High School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ Pan American International High School at Monroe
Type of Project:
  • UX/UI Design
Themes of Project:
  • Community Advocacy,
  • Environment/Sustainability,
  • Other

About this Project:

One of the main challenges many small car wash businesses face is managing their schedules and appointments effectively. With various customers wanting service at different times, it can become overwhelming for businesses to keep track of everything. This project will provide an organized, easy-to-use system for scheduling car wash appointments, reducing the likelihood of overbooking or underbooking and enhancing customer satisfaction.
Today's consumers value convenience and efficiency, and the traditional car wash business model doesn't always meet those expectations. This project will make it easier for customers to schedule and manage their car wash appointments, improving the overall customer experience.
Our design process began with a focus on understanding the unique challenges and needs faced by small car wash businesses, particularly those in low-income immigrant communities. We wanted to create a solution that would effectively address these challenges while also promoting sustainable practices and boosting their visibility.

To gain firsthand insights and empathize with our target audience, we organized a field trip to visit several small car wash businesses in low-income immigrant communities. We conducted interviews with business owners and employees, discussing their daily operations, challenges, and aspirations. This allowed us to better understand their pain points and identify areas where our project could make a positive impact.

After collecting valuable insights from our field trip, we held several brainstorming sessions to generate ideas for our project. We encouraged the team to think creatively and discuss any potential solutions to the identified challenges. Our goal was to find innovative ways to streamline operations, and improve customer experience, with a list of promising ideas, we began developing and refining our concept. We prioritized features that would directly address the challenges faced by small car wash businesses and bring added value to their customers. Throughout this stage, we continued to seek feedback from stakeholders to ensure our solution would be effective and user-friendly.

After finalizing our concept, we built a prototype of our community car wash system, including appointment scheduling. We tested the prototype with a few small business owners from our field trip to gather feedback on its usability and effectiveness. Based on the feedback received, we made necessary adjustments and improvements to our design.

Project Media


Screenshot 2023 05 17 at 8 49 38 PM
Screenshot 2023 05 17 at 8 49 52 PM


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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Student Programs Manager at Postman — Emoti-Con Judge
The vision of your app is very clear. While the designs show how the person wanting their car washed would use this app, I'm curious how the car washing business owners would use your app since this seemed to be your primary audience. Would they have a portal too that links to their booking system? Would your app take care of booking/cancellations for them? Otherwise, great use of leading edge prototyping software (Figma) to share your vision!

👏 Program Manager at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
What an amazing idea! I have never stopped to think about the struggles or pain points local car-washing businesses may face, ESPECIALLY the ones in lower-income communities. I see them all over the place and never thought about how their scheduling works, how they attract customers or other things they deal with that you were able to consider. It shows you really had your user in mind when designing this project. I'm curious about what future developments you'd make with this if you were given unlimited time and resources. I can see this app going far! Overall, really impressive idea, love your design journey, keep it up!

👏 SAP Functional Consultant / Computer programmer / Translator at Inetum Portugal — Emoti-Con Judge
I really loved your idea and how the combination of features was made here. It's really an engaging app, and there's a clear purpose. The way you looked at the problem is just spot on! The design process is very good. I loved your presentation and how you worked managing to have a truly functional app in Figma. This is a great prototype and reveals your sensitivity towards social impact. Depending on the audience, I would consider making a presentation in English. However, all of the package here is delightful. Great design process, great idea, great pitch, great social impact, great combination of every criteria.

Feedback from the Community:

purav 👏 a High School Student from nyc
Your project is great. The design and background is great. The information is very helpful. Next time you should add more information about the car wash. But overall this app is Good.

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