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“Health 360: Balance equals Happiness”

Creators: Natania and Joshua
High School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ Academy for Conservation and the Environment
Type of Project:
  • Coding,
  • UX/UI Design,
  • Other
Themes of Project:
  • Mental Health,
  • Physical Health
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About this Project:

The app Health 360 is an app that was created to help teenagers and adults with all aspects of their health. I am a teenager that believes that in mental health, Nutrition and Physical health is very important . This app was created to help people maintain and track their mental, physical and nutrition. What makes my app unique is its personalized, everything you see is based on everything you like or what we think you might like overtime while using the app.

Project Media


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More About this Project

It works. Please use the link below or the QR code located in the slides to use our app.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
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Feedback from the Judges:

Warren Zhou
👏 Product Manager at IBM — Emoti-Con Judge
Your passion and creativity shine through in your submission, and I love the comprehensive approach you've taken! The QR code linking to an interactive app prototype was a very nice addition, and the animated GIF background gives your app a unique personality and energy. The inclusion of a narrated video, slides, and working prototype greatly helped us understand your app concept.

As you continue to develop your app, I recommend considering additional elements like market research, competitive analysis, user research, and user testing feedback. These can provide a more holistic understanding of the niche you're aiming to serve and ensure your app isn't being developed purely from your team's personal perspectives.

Keep up the great work! I'm excited to see how your app continues to evolve.

Gemelli Briceño
👏 Manager, Design League & Volunteers at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
Nice job, Natania and Joshua! You did a great job presenting your app and it was clear to see how you wanted the user to have a healthy lifestyle with your one-stop hub of addressing their mental and physical needs. I loved your logo gif! It made your app engaging and fun to look at. Some thing to consider is limiting the number of gifs throughout the background of your app because it created contrast with some texts that weren't buttons (for example the 'Welcome Screen). It may also become distracting to some users, so picking a solid color background and having smaller gifs to still keep the fun component may be helpful. You both did an amazing job!

Tania Rodriguez
👏 Digitalization & Software Solutions Product Manager at HP Inc. — Emoti-Con Judge
Hi, Natania and Joshua!
It was truly impressive to see you confidently demonstrating the app design, prototype, and functionality in front of the camera! Congratulations on presenting your project and the remarkable job you've done. 👏🏼📲👏🏼
What an important topic and great opportunity to help the individuals to understand the importance of the 360! Fantastic choice! Congrats for the human-centered topic you are going to solve thanks to the app 'Health 360: Balance equals Happiness'! Mental health is something invisible, intangible, and people forget to take care about... Your solution is awesome for getting the three in the podium of the Balance and Happiness! ✌😉 🏆 Woa! I can't wait to use a real prototype!
You are change-makers, and society is going to thank you for addressing a global social issue using digital tools, apps, and community-building initiatives. By identifying a social problem in the world and designing an app to address it, you are showcasing a model for digital solutions. When using the QR and experiencing your app functions I have amazed on the reality I have lived in terms of digital solution! I was impressed to read and visualize the topics, images, gifs, descriptions you have included...Woa! It is a huge content...I guess a hard working is behind it... and the user could feel it! 💙 You should be proud of the learning and growth you've achieved through this experience. It's amazing, you are CODERS! I thoroughly enjoyed clicking the buttons, although there is not back button in all the experiences, I recommend you to take care about the nevaigation bidirectionaly for help the user to move in the 2 directions, for example, a lateral menu, o a footer/header menu, helps to guide the user to the minimum experience and key actions/features. 🔁🔛
Fantastic solution demo, you clearly explain the solution and how the app works! I recommend you to convert the demo in a PITCH. You could watch some pitch videos on YouTube as example to hone your pitching skills. Remember, your pitch is a powerful tool for branding and marketing your solution. For reference, consider the following pitch structure:
The Hook (10 seconds)
Introduce the Problem (30 seconds)
Problem In-depth (1 minute)
Your Technology (1 minute)
Feedback and Future (1 minute)
Wrap-up (30 seconds).
I would like to encourage you all to delve deeper into the world of digital solutions and logos design. One valuable resource that can aid in your continued learning is https://m3.material.io/. Pay special attention to the Styles/Color System section - incorporating this knowledge into your work will undoubtedly elevate your designs.
It's essential to pay close attention to copyright laws. To avoid potential infringement issues, consider using royalty-free images. Websites such as Pexels (https://www.pexels.com/) offer a vast collection of high-quality photos that you can use freely. 👀🤓 I love some images you have used, they are high-quality, fresh and the images help you to travel to the experience! Move all the images to high-quality and the experience will be improved!
You have used Code.org for coding the app and MIT also provides an excellent resource, the App Inventor ( https://appinventor.mit.edu/), which could be highly beneficial for first-time app developers. I encourage you to explore it and continue growing! You might even consider using other resource for comparison or to gain inspiration. Remember, the key to mastering any craft is a commitment to lifelong learning. As you continue to learn and grow, you'll unlock new ways to bring creativity and innovation to your apps and digital solutions. The digital world moves super fasts...designers, coders, programmers...move fast, too! 👍💻😀
Let me share a resource for building design protos: https://www.figma.com/ I encourage you to move the paper-design into figma-design and then, go coding!! This is the process we follow in my office with my team! 📲😀
I hope these suggestions inspire you to continue enhancing your project and the app!
I would like to reiterate my deepest congratulations on your outstanding achievement. You should take immense pride in being the designers and the coders behind the 'Health 360: Balance equals Happiness'. Keep up the excellent work!
Envision the users experiencing the energy and dynamism you've infused into this app. Ask the users (use surveys and add a feedback button on the app) what they need for continue growing with the app, this is called user-centric problem-solving and product. Keep up the fantastic work, your unbridled creativity and determination are a beacon of inspiration to the community!
Thanks and Congrats! 👏🏼📲 👏🏼

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