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“Happy Health”

Middle School Winner
Creators: Fiona, Maureen, Olivia, Mariam
Middle School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ I.S. 75 Frank D. Paulo
Type of Project:
  • Game Design,
  • Social Media,
  • Other
Themes of Project:
  • Mental Health,
  • Resource Sharing
Happy Health Cover

About this Project:

Our project is called Happy Health. The app is designed to address the stigma and challenges of living with mental health struggles. Since COVID, the number of people admitting to struggling with mental health problems has drastically increased. This app provides numerous resources, strategies, and affirmations to support the user through their difficult times. We have a diverse list of medical providers, daily quotes, relaxing games and music and more.

Once we decided that the problem we should focus on was mental health, we began by making a rough list of ideas. We interviewed a variety of community members to get the most varied results possible. With that feedback, we were able to storyboard and wireframe what we felt were the most important aspects to focus on.

Our project provides the user with a simple interface that is welcoming to all age groups. The user will be able to choose which experience will be best for them in the moment. We hope that this project will help make a hard time in people's life just a bit easier.

Project Media


Happy Health Post
Happy Health MM
Happy Health homepage



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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Associate Professor at Lehman College / CUNY — Emoti-Con Judge
Great visual design on this! I like the graphics and user interface. Mental health is a huge issue that people are trying to deal with, the question remains as to how you get people with mental health issues using apps like these and not just denying that they have these issues?

👏 Contributing Writer at Uloop — Emoti-Con Judge
This app is such an amazing idea and it is so relevant. The world is in such need of this and it is an app I would personally use. On the donation page, it'd be helpful to know on the app itself what the donations go for, but I do appreciate that this was clarified in the video. I do love that the donations go to support those who need to get mental health help but can't afford it- this is such a sad reality for so many in the United States. I truly hope you launch this app- the daily tasks and challenges are definitely things I would do to help me with my mental health.

👏 Lead Immersive Designer/ Content Lead at IBM — Emoti-Con Judge
This is a great project! I love that this app encourages users to give back to their communities and to help themselves feel better. I love your design and attention to detail. Consider how to also use this app to connect people to find peer-to-peer support as well. Great job.

👏 President & COO at Modern Fanatic LLC — Emoti-Con Judge
This is a solid presentation you should be extremely proud of yourselves. The design work on this was very impressive and the thought that went into each aspect of the app was strong as well. Great work. Finding influencers or businesses to work with to help mass adoption of this app would hopefully get you to that next level.

Feedback from the Community:

Gina 👏 a Parent and/or Guardian from Staten Island, NY
I love everything about this app. Mental health is on the rise post covid. I feel like your app could truly help others struggling with mental illness. Its important to change the negative stigma around mental health and let people know its okay to see out help. I hope people would consider using an app like the one you created! Wishing you good luck!!!
👏 a Parent and/or Guardian
In todays world, we can use all resource to access mental illness. With this app that is beautifully design and well thought, can easily navigate to the right place for help. Good luck!!!
👏 a Teacher and/or Educator
Excellent !
Diana 👏 a Parent and/or Guardian from System island
This is brilliant. I would totally use this.
GY 👏 a Community Member from SI, NY
Loved the design colors and designs are so soothing which goes great with mental health. Great job!
Sarah 👏 a Community Member
Loved the Project! Mental health awareness and resources are important in this day and age and Happy Health is such a great contribution to that mission!
Fay 👏 a Parent and/or Guardian from Brooklyn
This app is amazing, the fact it is made for peers created by peers. As a mom I love the concept of the app and what it is about. Mental health is very important and having the resource at their fingertips would be helpful. Great job!
Shirley 👏 a Parent and/or Guardian
Great Job!!! Keep.up the great work!
👏 a Teacher and/or Educator from Brooklyn Tech High School
This is the app that is much needed Post Covid in order for people who are experiencing mental health problems to move forward in their lives! It is a great way for young people to access the help they need in a quick and supportive way! Bravo!
Angel 👏 a Parent and/or Guardian
Great Job. We all need mental health nowadays. Thank you for
increase our awareness of health issue. Yes, Music has positive effect in our emotion. Keep going !!
👏 a Teacher and/or Educator from Staten Island, Ny
Great Job! This app is really useful, I like the idea of including a diary on the app.👏

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