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Creators: Chime, Nathaniel, Saribel, Baqar, Juan, Ayan
High School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High School
Type of Project:
  • Social Media,
  • UX/UI Design,
  • Visual Art & Design
Themes of Project:
  • Mental Health
Screen Shot 2023 05 01 at 8 07 21 AM

About this Project:

The issue we have covered is mental health and stress mainly among students and young adults. Our goal is to help users cope with stress from either work or school and improve their mental well-being.

First, we created a wireframe for the app and then a colored mockup. After some peer review and mentor sessions we realized we didn’t have enough detail and features. After that on Figma, we took feedback from our peers and added more features, and made it more detailed for the user.

If we could build it the app would help users feel calmer with simple easy-to-use features like being able to browse/search meditation-videos, and talk with peers or professionals. The user can also complete surveys on their mental health to record progress our app will also have a hotline.

Project Media


Screen Shot 2023 05 17 at 9 07 49 AM
Screen Shot 2023 05 17 at 9 08 08 AM
Screen Shot 2023 05 17 at 9 08 25 AM
Screen Shot 2023 05 17 at 9 08 36 AM


More About this Project

These Figma links demonstrate the design for our mockup while showing the main features that we have and the different pages that are part of our mockup. The first link is our entire mockup which has all the screens present allowing people to see our entire mockup. For the second link, we have our mockup in prototype mode allowing people to view our mockup one screen at a time. Furthermore, the mockup in prototype mode allows you to navigate between pages by clicking different buttons on the navigation bar. Examples include going from the home page to the chat page or the chat page to the profile page and much more.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Product Manager at IBM — Emoti-Con Judge
Congratulations on a well-documented and thoughtful product development process. From initial ideation to market research, to iterative designing based on user feedback, all the way to your final Figma prototype - your journey is inspiring! The user journey map and interaction flow chart are excellent additions to your presentation and show a deep understanding of your user's needs.

Your focus on addressing mental health challenges is highly commendable. This is a vital area that needs more attention, and your thoughtful approach to it is heartening to see.

Moving forward, consider a more detailed competitive analysis. The mental health app space is a crowded one, so a specific understanding of what makes your app different will be crucial in its success.

Finally, a brief video walkthrough of your concept could help others better understand your intentions and the desired impact of your concept. This could also be a great opportunity for you to further showcase your passion and expertise.

👏 Sr Community Manager at CareerVillage.org — Emoti-Con Judge
I really like the concept, the sleek, modern design, and the brand name. I can tell that a lot of work went into this project such as research and surveying your peers. One of the last slides highlighted accessibility which was a HUGE plus!

I think you should put more consideration into safety. I thinking the chat feature can be super helpful and will give people a sense of connection. However, since you're working with young people, some of them minors, you might have people question you about the safety around this and how you will monitor these chats. You're still early in your process so there is plenty of time to think about it but I believe this is a question you will receive a lot. At my organization, CareerVillage, we facilitate conversations between students and professionals. We ensure safety by having a volunteer team of moderators who review ALL content. Something similar could be the solution for you.

👏 Adjunct Professor, Computer Science and Information Systems at University of the Potomac — Emoti-Con Judge
Your project is laid out well and shows that research into the topic was done.

Feedback from the Community:

Genesis 👏 a High School Student from Queens NY
I really like this work but you guys could add more clear images and that's gonna make that the slide looks better.
Emily 👏 a High School Student from Queens
I love the idea of this and how it helps many people. The only thing I would change about this is to make the age range from 10-100 because this way many people can be helped.

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