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Creators: Anna
Middle School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ P.S./I.S. 95 The Gravesend School
Type of Project:
  • UX/UI Design
Themes of Project:
  • Community Advocacy,
  • Food Justice
Fire Shot Capture 916 Page 1 fil Lynx www figma com

About this Project:

Food insecurity is a serious issue that no one deserves to go through. It is a human right to be able to have access to food. We want to make sure that no one ever has to go hungry again. The thought process stems from our current issues of food insecurity, especially in impoverished neighborhoods.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
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Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Manager, Design League & Volunteers at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
Did you do a play on words for the name of your app- filynx=fillings? I hope so, cause I thought it was playful. I like the simple and easy navigation of your app. I would have loved to hear about your design process, the ways your app stands out amongst other apps similar to this, and further about how your app can help people not go hungry. Nice work, Anna!

👏 Customer Experience Product Manager at Cisco — Emoti-Con Judge
Your idea addresses an important need, so solving it is definitely worth thinking about. Your mockup is very well designed. The graphics look great. It shows how to find people who need food, but I would like to know more about how the whole process would work, for example how people would show they need food and how people with food would let them know they will bring it. It would be great if you could find a way to give people credit for giving food to those in need. Anyway - nice work!

👏 Operations Manager at Pockets Change — Emoti-Con Judge
FilLynx is fantastic! It's a brilliant solution that addresses the issue of food waste while benefiting communities. I love how it allows restaurants and food establishments to reduce waste by offering their surplus food to individuals. This would not only help them minimize their environmental footprint but also provides an affordable and convenient way for users to enjoy delicious meals. The app's user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it easy to navigate.

👏 Digital Strategy Specialist at HP Inc. — Emoti-Con Judge
Hi, Anna!
It was truly impressive to read the 'About this Project' and then, move to the app design navigation! Congratulations on presenting your project and the remarkable job you've done. You should be proud of the learning and growth you've achieved through this experience. 😉👏🏼📲
You are change-maker, and society is going to thank you for addressing a global social issue using digital tools, apps, and community-building initiatives. By identifying a social problem in your community and designing an app to address it, you are showcasing a model for digital solutions. 💚 I encourage you to rethink how and where the people with low resources are going to access to a mobile phone, tablet, and/or internet connection. Maybe you should guide them on where to go, for example, a restaurant, a public place, to get the access to the app and then, the food! 👀🏆
Your app lacks user creation and login features. I assume this is to maintain anonymity. I encourage you to consider the notification flow and its relation to the user. If there is no user identification, notifications will be sent to the device, be it a mobile or tablet, thus they won't be personalized. What does the user require in your app? 👍💻😀
Wow! You've designed in Figma, and your app appears quite realistic - with a lateral menu, footer menu bar, balanced colors, and a high-quality lion image. I encourage you to continue learning about digital solutions and logo design (https://m3.material.io/). I would also recommend further developing your app prototype, from its design to the coding phase 📲💻. MIT provides an excellent resource, the App Inventor ( https://appinventor.mit.edu/), which could be highly beneficial for first-time app developers, explore it and continue growing!
I'd like to extend my heartfelt congratulations once again. Be proud of being the creator of 'Filynx'!
Keep up the fantastic work, your unbridled creativity and determination are a beacon of inspiration to the community! Thanks and Congrats! 👏🏼 💻👏🏼

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