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“Elden Ring Game Review”

Creators: Jahvari
Middle School Students from Brooklyn College Community Partnership
Type of Project:
  • Game Design
Themes of Project:
  • Entertainment
Jahvari front cover

About this Project:

This is a review and personal reflection written by Jahvari S. about the game Elden Ring by From Software.

Elden Ring logo and game are property of From Software, Inc.

Project Media


Jahvari S Elden Ring Review 0 Jahvari S Elden Ring Review 1 Jahvari solving Rubics Cube on a break from writing Elden Ring Review

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Community:

Tarni 👏 a Community Member from Lands Between Manhattan and Queens
Carry on Tarnished one! Your persistance is admirable and Blood Flame is a great incantation to acquire prior to the confrontation versus Margit. Keep rising!

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