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Creators: Marilyn, Heather
High School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ High School for Health Careers and Sciences
Type of Project:
  • Audio/Video,
  • Business & Marketing
Themes of Project:
  • Culture/Heritage,
  • Education/Schools,
  • Food Justice
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About this Project:

The issue our app addresses is the decline of students eating school lunch. As students ourselves, we know the problem regarding lunch fully well. Truthfully, we don’t even eat lunch, which results in spending the whole day hungry until we return home. However, not all students have the privilege of eating outside of school and rely on school lunches. Going more than eight hours without a proper meal isn’t healthy and students can’t possibly be expected to work their best on empty stomachs. So to resolve this problem, we came up with the idea of creating an app that provides students with the option of eating foods of their choice. DIG-IN focuses on diversity, allowing students from different cultural backgrounds to utilize our services as they wish. This app also includes the nutritional values of certain dishes to encourage students to eat healthy. For those who are unable to pay for their meals, DIG-IN offers a free service program.

This idea of this app derived from the want for better school lunch. We, along with other students, have grown tired of spending our entire school day hungry so we’ve decided to make a change. At first, we thought of an app that would simply bring food to students during their lunch periods. Then, we took into consideration other student’s backgrounds and dietary needs. Which influenced our apps evolvement to what it is today.

If DIG-IN were to be built, students would simply have to download our app, fill out the log in requirements, verify their identifications, and order! Once this is done, their food would be delivered to them directly at school if the order was placed during school hours. QR codes are used to identify both the driver and the students order. Our services also extend to non students yet they don’t come with the same benefits.

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Great Design
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Henry McKelvey
👏 Systems Engineer Multimedia R&D and Adjunct Professor at The University of The Potomac at Sinclair Broadcast Group — Emoti-Con Judge
The project solves a problem that will harm children, so I am all into food choices.

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