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β€œDaily Eagle Interactive Newsletter”

Creators: Briana, Justin, Daquan, Ronnell, Eduardo, Erick
High School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ P721Q John F. Kennedy Jr. School
Type of Project:
  • Multimedia
Themes of Project:
  • Education/Schools

About this Project:

John F. Kennedy Jr. School is a District 75 school in Elmhurst, New York. The students apart of the project are in a 12:1:1 work study based class focusing on ADL (Activities of Daily Living) skills in order to gain self or supportive employment once graduated from our program. This app will help focus on communication and organizational skills and independence. Through the app it will have a built in interactive component that independent travelers can use to inform schools of delays on the transit system and report if they are going to be late of absent. A notification will generate and be sent to their class instructor and administration team. Along with the app, it will have a CNN mobile feel where work study classes focusing on clerical and publications (writing articles, conducting interviews, and giving information on events and new happening within the school). This will help parents become more involve in school events, see progress their child is making reflecting ADL IEP goals. We feel this design can help all district 75 schools and build a new form of work study classes while incorporating new skills learned such as, video editing, photography, and filming.

Project Media


IMG 0168


More About this Project

In the photo you will see a photo of our storyboard detailing the app and what it will look like. Please view the video to get the full feel of what the students from 721Q @ Info Tech envision.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Danny Jimenez
πŸ‘ Library Technical Assistant III at New York Public Library — Emoti-Con Judge
The storyboarding for the detailing of how the app would work is great! It reminds me of the gps app Waves where drivers can inform other drivers of accidents, slow downs, and speed traps, etc. This would greatly improve the commute of students. Great job!

Collin Millington
πŸ‘ President & COO at Modern Fanatic LLC — Emoti-Con Judge
What a great video! You all should be very very proud of yourselves. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to view this and be a part of judging your work. Great job!!

Feedback from the Community:

Antwon πŸ‘ a Technology Professional from Queens, Ny
I think this is a great idea! I believe with this app, the school community will be more organized! and it's a great way for parents to find out about school events and more!!
Valentina πŸ‘ a High School Student from Queens Elmhurst
Great work !!!
Ms. Yani πŸ‘ a Teacher
This was a great idea guys. Great job!
John πŸ‘ a Parent from Queens
Great idea.
Ms. Patti πŸ‘ a Teacher from 721q
Great job everyone. You guys are in the cutting edge of technology. Way to go!!
Emmanuel πŸ‘ a High School Student
This seems like a good initiative, this has a lot of potential to be successful.
joseph πŸ‘ a High School Student from queens richmondhill
i think its helpful and it would be great in the future
Matthew πŸ‘ a High School Student from New York Queens
I enjoyed the editing done by the kid and I also encourage him to keep editing as a carrier or as a hobby. I also enjoyed that the information was very clear and not over explained.
Armand πŸ‘ a High School Student
good idea
Educator πŸ‘ a Teacher
What an amazing opportunity for students to use technology as a tool to communicate and stay active with their school community, teachers and friends.
Great work!!
Educator πŸ‘ a Teacher from LIC
What a great opportunity for students to use technology as a tool to help them communicate with their peers, teachers and school community and polish their tech skills
Great work!!
Achilles πŸ‘ a High School Student from NY City
My question is does not only the student but do all teacher staff in the school have acsess to it or do other oraganization have ascess to it also. Also the apps seems to be great this seem like it could really help the school and and the communication skill of all the kids.
Mr.William πŸ‘ a Teacher from Queens, New York
Excellent job! This can be a great idea to be updated and informed. Looking forward to whats next.
721Q Counselor πŸ‘ a Teacher
This is a great project to engage students in so many different ways. It definitely helps with the ultimate goal of improving self-advocacy, communication and social skills and promotes independence.
Chris Sahar πŸ‘ a Teacher
I like to see the students do interviewing, video editing, and a variety of technological and literacy skills that will be useful once outside of school. Great job!
Mr. Morshed πŸ‘ a Teacher
Looks great! This definitely has potential.
Mohammad πŸ‘ a Teacher
This looks great.
Alesha πŸ‘ a Teacher from Queens, NY
This is absolutely amazing!!! A forward thinking project worthy of attention. Keep up the great work!
chris πŸ‘ a Community Member from New York
It sounds like a very interactive app experience and would have students engaged and in communication with their teachers and fellow students.
Sangita D’sa πŸ‘ a Teacher from Queens, NYC
Great job! Continue with the amazing work.
Amisha πŸ‘ a High School Student from Thomas A. Edison CTE High School
This project is very interesting, especially because it allows the user to improve their focus on communication and organizational skills, including independence. I love the concept of the app and it is beneficial!
Angelysse πŸ‘ a High School Student from Queens
This looks so entertaining and fun!
Diana πŸ‘ a Teacher from New York City
Wow, this is an INCREDIBLE idea! This app would allow students to be more independent, communicate with the school as they would a future employer about lateness or absence, gives interested kids a chance to develop and contribute to projects they are interested in, and allows parents to become involved in a whole new level. Phenomenal on so many levels!
Jessica πŸ‘ a Teacher from Queens
πŸ‘πŸΌ Great concept for an app. Keep up the amazing work!
Vivian N πŸ‘ a Parent from South Ozone Park
This project is a testament that with support, guidance and encouragement, students in District 75 have the ability to utilize EdTech to develop a tool which stands to strengthen their ability to become more self-sufficient and possibly be funneled into the economic mainstream to become less dependent.
Ms. O πŸ‘ a Teacher from LIC
This sounds like a really helpful app! Great idea that will encourage students to communicate and prepare when traveling!
Vicente πŸ‘ a Community Member from NYC
This concept is mucho bueno! 5 Stars!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ms. Stock πŸ‘ a Teacher from P721Q
This is such a great idea. I am looking forward to seeing more of it in action!
Anna πŸ‘ a Parent from Queens
Great idea!
Fizza πŸ‘ a Teacher from Queens, NY
This is beyond amazing! Super proud of all the work the students did!!!
Evie πŸ‘ a Parent from Astoria Queens
Very creative and wise thinking
Great idea
Julie πŸ‘ a High School Student from NY
Amazing idea- I could really use this in my classroom.
πŸ‘ a Teacher
This is a wonderful concept that would facilitate meaningful connections for students, families, and school staff, while promoting independence. Well done!!
Carla πŸ‘ a Community Member from Queens, NY
I think this is a phenomenal idea! I truly admire all of the work that the kids put in!
Sofia πŸ‘ a Community Member
This app is a game changer! What a great idea!
Tess πŸ‘ a Community Member from New York
The sooner young minds learn to communicate and interact effectively, the more prepared they are in their adult lives - and this app is an excellent tool to assist in that.

This app addresses challenges on multiple fronts. Because communications are in real-time, standardized, and transparent, the app allows students to communicate their presence in a consistent manner without having verbal messaging lost across school offices or professionals. It will reduce the confusion as to who will be in the classroom or not, and allows teachers to focus on the tasks at hand without distraction. Those who need to know the latest update, will have the information they need at their fingertips.

From the newsletter perspective of the app, students can work together with their peers (teachers, parents, and students alike) at various staging steps to input their content for the newsletter. This thought-provoking aspect of the app lets students see their creation from the start of the project to finish when content is posted, just as showcased in, for example, the video editing sequence - instilling/building upon independence, confidence, and problem-solving skills that over time will become stronger and more-so second nature. (If it's fun too, then why not?)

Overall, the app is an excellent idea! It's inspiring!
Gilpreet πŸ‘ a Teacher
This is an amazing idea!! Great job to all the kids who worked hard to create something new for our school community!
Patrick πŸ‘ a Community Member from New York
I really think this is a great idea and allows for parents to be more involved with their childrens academic career
πŸ‘ a Teacher
I love this idea!
Elis πŸ‘ a Teacher from 721Q
I think this app is a fantastic idea. Our students will have the opportunity to advocate for themselves, socialize, and become more independent, which is our ultimate goal for our students. Keep up the great job! You guys rock!
Nargis πŸ‘ a Parent from Brooklyn, New York
I really love this project. It is very helpful.
πŸ‘ a Community Member
I really like all the effort and work the kids are putting in. This is a great idea!!
Lamia πŸ‘ a High School Student from Queens
I can use this project to get so many information. I πŸ’― percent support this project.
πŸ‘ a Parent
thank god for this tool, heaven sent! would make my life so much easier , God bless
Ty πŸ‘ a College Representative
This is brilliant!
Gabriel πŸ‘ a College Representative from NYC
This is really helpful to students
πŸ‘ a Community Member from Queens, New York
This is a great idea and very informative and helpful!
Mrs.Jenkins πŸ‘ a Teacher from Fresh meadows ny
This is so creative. Great way to take the initiative and leader roles to create something so interactive to show your skills to the community and the world. Amazing work !! So proud of you all.
Mr.Cassandro πŸ‘ a Teacher
Great idea !!! This app will be helpful for both students and teachers. It is student driven and created by students, which helps builds independence and self advocacy.
Nas πŸ‘ a Community Member
This is great idea!!!!
πŸ‘ a Teacher
Love this! Well done 721Q. I wish we had this at our school.
Christine Schutt πŸ‘ a Teacher from Queens College Inclusion Program
We will definitely use this app for our independent travelers instead of the current app we use to communicate with our students. Students reporting their lateness or absence is essential to promote independence for themselves. We support you!
Ms. E πŸ‘ a Teacher from 721Q @ 269
Students look really invested in this app! I appreciate that students can use their technology and communication skills on a regular. The interactive interviewing component is helpful for those students unable to read in the traditional sense.
Barb Sweeney, OT πŸ‘ a Teacher
This is fantastic! Congratulations and I look forward to seeing more on your app!
πŸ‘ a Teacher
I love that this app is a digital tool available to students for vital information easily accessible. Today lots of young people engage with their technology more than they do with other forms of information or media like going to a subway map in the station, listening to announcements, or asking an MTA employee for help. By having this available on their smartphone they have everything they need to be safe instantly and at their fingertips!
Marguerite Reilly, Speech πŸ‘ a Teacher
This is a great tool for students. Great job everyone πŸ‘
Taylor πŸ‘ a Teacher from NYC DOE
It is so exciting to see young minds collaborate for a greater purpose. I am hopeful that the students continue to work hard to refine this app and develop more in the future!
Kalman πŸ‘ a Teacher from District 75
This is ane an App that can be used by students throughout the DOE and would be a model for other school systems. It addresses a vital need.
Danielle Rick, OT πŸ‘ a Teacher
I love this app! Great job everyone!
Grace πŸ‘ a Parent from Brooklyn
Fantastic idea!
Elizabeth πŸ‘ a Community Member from P721Q School Secretary
I believe this is a great idea - it can help confirm a student's attendance. Great job!
Danielle Whalen πŸ‘ a Community Member from Speech Therapist P721Q
This is beyond impressive and so necessary for a multitude of reasons... safety, accountability, parental involvement... the list goes on. Great job!
πŸ‘ a Teacher from Info Tech
This is amazing, you guys did a great job, I hope you guys do more like this..
πŸ‘ a Community Member
Way to go 721Q!
Nurse N.Nightingale πŸ‘ a Parent from 721@Info tech HS
Excellent idea;excellently done!
πŸ‘ a Parent
Great project. So smart and helpful for so many people!
Mr. Chris πŸ‘ a Teacher from Info tech HS
What a amazing job from our outstanding students at Infotech. Sky's the limit ! Keep going !
Christina, OT πŸ‘ a Teacher
Wow! What a creative and useful idea for our school community! Great job students and I am excited to see more news!
Radesh πŸ‘ a Community Member
As a software engineer, I think it is really great that our youth are having opportunities to learn more about building, creating and designing apps. I wish that I had something like this when I was in school.
Stephanie πŸ‘ a Community Member from New Jersey
So creative and informative! Awesome Job everyone!!

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