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“Bestseller Books”

Creators: Tahirah S.
High School Students from Thomas A. Edison Career & Technical High School
Type of Project:
  • Coding,
  • Product Development
Themes of Project:
  • Entertainment
My Project

About this Project:

My project is an app that will help you find a good book to read. My project helps solve the problem of helping you find a good book to read when you are having a hard time finding one. I came up with this idea after seeing a bestseller list, and made an app that would allow users to sort through the list. The app works by either giving the user a random book to read, or allows them to sort through a list of bestsellers by the first letter in the title.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Director and Head of Enterprise HW Security Engineering at Dell Technologies — Emoti-Con Judge
As an avid reader, I am often finding myself having a hard time picking my next book.
Sometimes I can't make a choice when there are multiple exciting options, and sometimes I simply don't know what genre or topic to read.
This is where the idea of having an app with a randomize function comes in handy. Great idea!

Recommend adding a choice of multiple Best Seller lists (different genres).

👏 Director, Technical Account Management at Salesforce — Emoti-Con Judge
The pitch for your book-finding app is concise and addresses a common problem many readers face: difficulty in finding a good book to read. By creating an app that helps users navigate through bestseller lists, you provide a solution that can save time and frustration.

The idea of incorporating a random book recommendation feature adds an element of surprise and discovery, allowing users to potentially explore new genres or authors they may not have considered before. Additionally, the option to sort through bestsellers by the first letter of the title provides a convenient way for users to narrow down their search based on their preferences.

To further enhance the pitch, you could consider elaborating on additional features or functionalities that make your app stand out. For example, does the app provide personalized recommendations based on the user's reading history or preferences? Are there user reviews and ratings available to help users make informed decisions? Highlighting these aspects would showcase the app's value in helping users find not just any book but one that aligns with their individual tastes and interests.

Overall, your pitch demonstrates an understanding of a common reader's dilemma and presents a simple yet practical solution. By leveraging bestseller lists and incorporating sorting and random book recommendations, your app has the potential to streamline the book selection process and provide users with enjoyable reading experiences.

👏 Development Director at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
This was such a great app to design! I truly think it's helpful to have an app that focuses on books and being able to connect to your favorite author. Great job!

👏 Principal Technical Account Specialist at Autodesk — Emoti-Con Judge
Nice idea which can be leverage all readers to discover new books. Ading few capabilities to the concept would make it perfect.

Feedback from the Community:

Nikolle 👏 a High School Student from I am from Queens
I think the idea of this app is very well shared and it is something that readers need a lot. I love to read and I also struggle in picking what books to read from time to time, so ideas like this are very helpful.
Careshma R 👏 a High School Student
This idea is really good especially for people who like to read! I think that you should add a preview button or page so you could view the book to see if you're interested in it or not.
jj 👏 a High School Student
this is really helpful for people who can't find a book to read
Sol 👏 a High School Student from Queens,NY
I really like your idea mostly because i'm new into reading and now with an app like this it would be really helpful to find some good books
Amisha. P 👏 a High School Student from NYC
This app is very helpful and creative since it allows the user to find a book of their interest!

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