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Creators: Katherine
High School Students from CS4ALL NYC
Type of Project:
  • Audio/Video
Themes of Project:
  • Mental Health,
  • Physical Health

About this Project:

The issue that my project addresses is Mental health and physical health. Mental Health can happen between childhood, adolescence, to adulthood. This has an impact on a person psychologically and physically. Now, you may be wondering, “Why did you choose Mental Health”? I choose this because many people go through mental and physical issues. Sometimes people rather not talk or express their emotions. So I wanted a safe space for users to talk and relate.

Project Media



More About this Project

So, the video I provided shows how the app would work if created. I created this project because I wanted to build a safe space for people since there are a lot of issues with apps that are supposed to help with mental health and physical health. Especially from people who have come out to speak about these issues. Also because many people find it hard to ask for help either because someone is emotionally or physically abusing the person or a repeating pattern of thoughts that ‘you are okay’. So people who struggle with mental and physical health can all come to this app and find a friend. A person you would relate to or trust. As well as providing help to people's actual needs and feelings in a safer environment. This would be where people heal with each other and connect.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Jamini Patel
👏 Digital Sales Graduate at Hewlett Packard Enterprise — Emoti-Con Judge
Loved the concept and ideas within this app. Tackles an issue so many people face and would be very helpful

Feedback from the Community:

Katherine 👏 a High School Student
Hiya! I'm the creator of this project! So I realized the video and slides wasn't working and accessible. Haha little error! So I apologize for anyone who wanted to look. These are now available! Though the video is upload on YouTube unlisted! l'm very sorry again and I hope you are able to view this now 🤍

Link to video: https://youtu.be/tbH-8EKTuGE (Thanks Kathrine! It's now updated on the Project page)
Tesheni 👏 a High School Student from NYC
The thought put for the app is amazing because it shows people thoughts be taken into consideration, since this helps to hear out so many voices who can't be seem or heard.
👏 a Middle School Student
I like your app
Jasmine 👏 a High School Student
This is such a great idea to help many people in a community who probably struggle with this issue. Also, I love the app design.
Sol 👏 a High School Student from Queens,NY
I like the idea of this project and how you came up with it it was easier to get it through out the video than slides.

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