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“Wolf Guard”

Finalist: Best Pitch
Creators: Khadija, Sattina, Sofia, and Genesis
Middle School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ Vista Academy
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About this Project:

With our app the issues that people

have with safety will finally be


After downloading this app more people will be at peace of mind regarding their safety and well being.

We were all well aware of safety issues from experience before we created this app. At a young age we have seen violence, crime, and other dangerous events happen around us. We don’t want future generations or anyone else to experience this. After diving deeper and more research we realized there are not much helpful solutions. We created our app in hope of a solution. We believe that things that are meant to benefit and help the community should not cost anything which is why our app shall be free.

With our app you will be able to track your location and friends or family members locations. You will also receive regular reports on danger, crime, and other problems across the country and in your area. You will also be able to contact and find safety locations near you. If you are ever in a situation where you need to report abuse but are unable to call, our app has a button to do so. You must also put in emergency contacts for your own safety. Lastly, our app will store your health information in case you are ever in a situation where a paramedic or someone needs it in order to help you.

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Feedback from the Judges:

👏 FP&A Associate, Marketing at Vanguard — Emoti-Con Judge
This Project is so impressive! I really appreciated learning about the backstory behind the project and how the solution to combine location tracking, safety and news reports, and health data all came to be. This is such a wonderful idea, and I actually have multiple apps on my phone right now that separately serve the purposes that your app would combine under one. Having an inclusive safety app is so important to feeling safe and protected in your own community. I'd love to see more of an emphasis on the design and creativity of the app interface, which could help elevate the user experience. It is evident how much thought and effort went into this project, excellent job!

👏 Growth and Partnerships Manager at Wix Education — Emoti-Con Judge
What an INCREDIBLE idea and application! You clearly thought about relevant issues, especially in New York, and came up with a feasible and accessible way to solve them. I am so impressed at the ways in which you solves for so many problems in one app. I love the idea of tracking where crime may be at a given time. Would this be in real time? I can totally see myself using this when I am walking home late at night. If there is something going on in a specific area, I can check the app and be sure to avoid this app. This is something that I can see so many people using in so many different situations. It is something I would have downloaded on my phone!

👏 Executive Director of Support - ACCESS at NYC Department of Education — Emoti-Con Judge
First, I am so sad that at your young age, you have suffered experiences that made you create something like this. Our world should be better for you and your project gives me hope for the future. I agree with my fellow judges that your design is thoughtful and comprehensive; and that sadly we are in great need of something like this. You've really thought through all aspects of a dangerous situation and the help a victim would need. Your conclusion slide is a brilliant pitch statement - clear and compelling.

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