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“Where Is My Ride?”

An App/Software Project
By Samyra
a High School Student from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ Bronx Academy for Software Engineering
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About this Project:

My project addresses the issue of the elderly and disabled not knowing where their Access-A-Ride is and having to wait prolonged periods of time to be picked up and transported to their destination.

What inspired me to create this project is hearing stories from my mother who works with the elderly and disabled, along with personal stories from my project sponsor Shanua and others about her parents having difficulty with Access-A-Ride. Hearing about situations where they would have to sit at a specified pick up location that may be located outside where the weather could vary from frigid to scorching. The riders all stay at the designated pick up location due to the fear of missing the ride when it comes. In the case of them missing the ride they face the possibility of being penalized or them losing their ability to use Access-A-Ride completely. Throughout the process of creating my project I took all of these concerns into consideration and created a layout where users can tracker their Access-A-Ride in real time. Hearing about the realities of what these riders have to face in regards to transportation assistance, made me appalled and upset that in this day and age of technology where apps such as Uber and Lyft give theirs riders the ability to track their ride in real time, Access-A-Ride and other similar companies do not have this option. Everything can be known through phones and devices, yet still there are problems like these that no one seems to look upon the needs of the most vulnerable groups of people and hold those that are responsible for their care accountable. Knowing these grievances are occurring day after day, I decided to design a project in hopes of helping the elderly and disabled ride easily.

My project works by giving the power to the rider. The rider would sign in with their ID number and password and enter the reference code of the Access-A-Ride appointment / occurrence or make a new Access-A-Ride pick-up appointment. They would be able to see the location of their driver, the driver's license plate and car type model, and how far away they are from their location. They would also be able to rate the driver after the trip has been completed in order to improve customer service and reliability.

If this could be built, I would have the app partner with Access-A-Ride and other companies so that it helps Access-A-Ride users ride easy and worry-free. Throughout that process, I am also thinking of ways that I can further innovate Where’s My Ride so that it can also help people who may be visually impaired, hard hearing /deaf and some disabilities that may hinder them from using the app.

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More About this Project

In this Figma link, Where’s My Ride Mockup Prototype Design, it shows the entire process of the Where’s My Ride creation. It includes the different stages that were taken to lead to the end result of the mockup.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Peter Smith 👏 Senior Engineer at Studio MDHR — Emoti-Con Judge
Hey Samyra--wow. I really think you should get to make this app. I love how you started from your own observations (via your mom), saw people who were struggling, and figured out a really powerful way to help. So many people just kind of fall through the cracks because no one is looking out for them. You came up with a genuinely workable, practical way to save a lot of people a lot of trouble. That takes not just inventiveness but also real insight. I applaud you and I hope you get the chance to pursue this idea further!

Tess Mattimore 👏 Consultant / Engagement Manager at IBM — Emoti-Con Judge
Samyra - incredible work on "Where's my ride". You tackled an incredibly important, and often overlooked problem that needs more attention. I loved how you approached your project with a personal story and researched further to learn more about others' experiences - all from a place of empathy! Your work is well-thought-out and you have a very clear design process. I would love to see "Where's my ride" developed soon!

Eugene Cherish 👏 IT Infrastructure Support at ArcherPoint — Emoti-Con Judge
I'm shocked that this is not an already existing feature. I can't believe that something so basic was overlooked! It's a simple problem and you provided an elegant (and I would argue very pragmatic and cost-effective) solution that could improve the lives of not only the elderly but also their families and caretakers. I would be shocked if Access-a-Ride doesn't partner with you if you approached them with your idea. This is a fantastic app and I hope it becomes a reality. Awesome job!

Feedback from the Community:

Tina 👏 a High School Student from NY-HS
It's truly amazing you are working on a solution for people that may not have easy access to transportation--keep on thinking about how we can help those who are often overlooked. Your mother and everyone who would benefits from "Where is My Ride" are extremely proud. Best of luck executing this~!
Brandon 👏 a High School Student from Bronx Academy for Software Engineering
I love this idea! Being able to help the elderly and the disable by giving them the opportunity to always know their Access-A-Ride is an amazing idea. Your reasoning for the app is very inspiring and I admire you for helping out the people in need. Overall, I love this idea for the app and I hope you can execute the idea in real life!
Elizabeth 👏 a High School Student from BASE
This idea seems really helpful for the elderly and the disabled!

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