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“Wheel Nav”

Creators: Lux, Lou, and Ariella
Middle School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ The Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria
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About this Project:

Our project is an app that gives wheelchair bound people a chance to navigate and be independent in the city.

How has your idea evolved?

Our idea has gone from a simple directions app to a map with different features to help many people.

What tools did you use?

We used google slides and Figma.

How does your project work or how would it work if you could develop it?

Our project would be an app similar to google maps, if we got the chance maybe even connect it to google maps.

Our app makes it so people can easily find accessible places near them and look at places they want to go to see if they are accessible. If not it gives suggestions on similar places and then accessible routes to get wherever they need. While apps like google maps have ways to find accessible routes our app can also show you accessible places and you have options on your routes.

Project Media


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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Senior quality assurance engineer at RedHat — Emoti-Con Judge
A small twist to an existing app and it can help many who use wheelchairs. Good work on slides and images. Very innovative .Excellent work by the team . Would love to see this fully developed.

👏 Engineer at Engineering — Emoti-Con Judge
I see brilliant and high-level thinking on this project. The fact that you've "put yourself on the wheels of the user" and thought about steps, but also uphill/downhill warnings, sidewalks and even alternative restaurants and services if the chosen option was not accessible. This is great work! I have a friend who has mobility issues and this app would be an excellent resource. One idea would be to expand it to transportation since (such as the NYC subway system) only certain stations are accessible. So perhaps your app could expand to give a suggested accessible route if the user enters the starting and destinations. This app is much needed right now and I'd love to see you develop it further!

👏 Consultant / Engagement Manager at IBM — Emoti-Con Judge
Lux, Lou, and Ariella - amazing work on "Wheel Nav". You did such a great job following the design process and bringing along everyone for the ride through your approach. I really liked how you started your user research from a place of empathy. Your iteration through the process was clear and it was great to see how you could showcase some unique features. Awesome work!

👏 Product Manager at RIA in a Box — Emoti-Con Judge
Hi Lux, Lou, and Ariella - Great work with this project! Through your research, you were able to develop user empathy and understand the issues that people in wheel chairs face. As you highlighted, it can be difficult to navigate a city on a wheel chair. I am impressed how you comprehensively took into account so many of these difficulties and built in features to respond to all of these. I love the idea of integrating the idea with an existing map application (eg Google Maps) to allow your product to be more pervasive. Great work and I'm excited to see Wheel Nav hit the market!

Feedback from the Community:

amra 👏 a High School Student from new york
good job girls

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