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An App/Software Project
By Kyleigh, Jaydah, and Shaolin
High School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ Brooklyn School for Music and Theatre

About this Project:

This project addresses the issues that people of color face in academic settings i.e the need for safe and comfortable schooling environments, we (my group) came up with it trying to find a common problem that we had in our lives as people of color New york city. That was lack of information and opportunity because of the schools we went to. This was astonishing to believe, that in a city so diverse our schools systems are segregated.

Our project has evolved tremendously since we have incorporated others in our communities opinion and point of view into our project. How our app would work is that we would utilize data submitted by schools and their students, to help incoming high school and college students find places that would be ideal for them. Each user of our app will get a list of specially curated schools for them based on their specified areas of interest. This data would be things like how included do students of color feel in their school, does their school consider their feelings and are their safety concerns. Our app can compare and contrast schools that the student selects to best find their match. Our overall goal is to help students of color find safe, comfortable and equal opportunity schools.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
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Feedback from the Judges:

Joshen Ayukawa 👏 Program Coordinator, Design League DIIT at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
I think this is such a unique issue that NYC students face all the time! High School is a period in your life where you are molded into the person you want to become, and choosing the perfect High School is such a hard decision! I think your app would really help a ton of people have easier access to comparing schools before making their decisions. Great job!

Gemelli Briceño 👏 Program Coordinator, Design League DIIT at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
Kyleigh, Jaydah, and Shaolin, this is a very inspiring app that brings attention to a social issue that many do not think about. I love the name of the app as it aims to convey the truth to the users!

Your app aims to help incoming high school and college students of color make a decision about the school they want to attend by using data/feedback given from current school staff and students. Students like to know what they may be in for when making such a difficult decision and providing information beforehand, can help in their decision process.
One thought to consider if you choose to continue designing this app is how do you protect those who report racial discrimination in their school? How may this information affect the school? Would you want to help the school change the negative feedback and provide ways they can be more inclusive (activities or practices) to encourage students of color to enroll?
There is a lot to unpack and I love that as HS students, you see the need to address this issue. I strongly believe you all can motivate that change!
I enjoyed reviewing this app and there is a need for transparency and inclusion in the school systems. Kudos! Great job on tackling this difficult social impact topic!

Marc Hayem 👏 Country Manager at InsideBoard — Emoti-Con Judge
You picked an issue that matters to you and that means it is an important issue for other students. So the topic is definitely good. You also provided good explanations as to the use case: this app will be used when choosing a school. You have thought about the problem and have a good design for your app to solve the problem.

It is also very good that you did not pick an issue that is too complex or too large. With this issue you can definitely build an app that will solve most or all of the problem. This is also very good.

The one area where I would recommend you do some more thinking is the fact that if many people used this app there would be a risk of all schools becoming more homogeneous and it could lead to more intolerance.

Overall you have done very good work and are working on a very meaningful problem.

Feedback from the Community:

Aissatou 👏 a High School Student from Brooklyn New York
This was a good app and it will help the community
👏 a High School Student
This app helps high school and college students of color.
👏 a High School Student
This is a absolute tool to help out our community.

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