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Creators: Danna, Melissa, and Roselyn
Middle School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ IS 145Q
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About this Project:

Once the epidemic struck an incomprehensible amount of people’s mental health had drastically declined due to stress and loved ones being hospitalized leaving many people suffering from anxiety, depression and etc. Even after the worst of its past that did little to ease the tension. Our project is an app that addresses the challenge of mental health.

We came up with this idea using the human centered design process after interviewing people who deal with anxiety and mental health on a daily basis. The designing process for this app was rather hard and distressing since our group wanted to make our app understandable and simplistic in order to make our users feel at ease. Our idea for the app was inspired due to how mental health was a problem in our society, and started to increase more and more each day, even one of our members was affected by it.

The idea for the specific theme (purple) came from how purple represents bravery and it’s supposed to show how all of our users are brave even though they’re still facing problems mentally or physically, or in general. Our mascot that is shown throughout the app is like a little buddy that tells you positive affirmations trying to make the user at least feel a little better because it cares about you! Our idea for the app evolved when we got inspired from other apps.

Project Media


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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Sr. Product Manager, Z-Team at Tinder — Emoti-Con Judge
The Twicen project is a delight on many levels. First of all, I love how in the very description of the project process they talked about how stressed they were - all while making an app to help people relieve pandemic anxiety. It’s like their real life experience informed the very project they were working on. Secondly, I like how they took a very timely topic and came up with very detailed and thoughtful features for an app that was totally laser-focused on a real user problem. I think that the idea caters to a broad spectrum of people via a variety of helpful tools, such as the journal, habit tracker, safety plan, and the emotional calendar (my favorite). I also think that the communal aspect is really key, especially since people were so isolated during the pandemic that having support - even in digital form - is one of the best antidotes to loneliness. Aside from it being an app that would offer a ton of utility, the designs are stunning. I think the decision to make the app purple to signify bravery shows a ton of empathy for the user via design, and the user flow you outlined is intuitive, as well.

I think that this is a great place to start, and can even hold value outside of the pandemic. Then you can expand on different ways to think of what’s therapeutic as people reintegrate into society. Either way, this is a great execution on an idea that solves a very timely problem.

👏 Manager, Design League & Volunteers at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
Remarkable job Danna, Melissa, and Roselyn!

I love this app already! Your team did a fantastic job providing a tool to help those suffering from mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. The graphics, colors, and visualization of the app are eye-catching, calming, and creative. This is a thoughtful app that provided many different avenues for the user to seek help, make connections, and create lifestyle changes to improve their mental health.
The features really help make this app shine. I love the Growth, Habit Tracker, and community board! Having the user improve their mental health by doing reading plans that share positive thinking habits and motivational messages; guiding them to build positive relationships with others that may be facing similar situations, and reinforcing self-accountability with the habit tracker are all inspiring tools to help people not only see their growth but also help others grow.

Very forward-thinking app!

👏 Associate Professor of Media Design at Parsons School of Design — Emoti-Con Judge
This is a very important issue this app addresses. Mental health is such a huge concern these days, for all and your focus on supporting youth who have already faced so much is inspiring. I appreciate how thoughtful you all are in terms of thinking through design considerations that would be of use to your user, as well as thinking about how color scheme and brand identity community intent and purpose to your audience. This is a relevant project that speaks to the moment, and I am thrilled that you are all tackling topics that are meaningful and important. Keep up the good work!

👏 Associate Professor, Art & Design at Kutztown University — Emoti-Con Judge
Great work team! I am so impressed with the level of polish of your app design! The selection of color (and meaning of the color) icons, hierarchy of elements on the pages, as well as the user flow was all so thoughtful. When someone is experiencing a mental health crisis or even just not feeling themselves, the most simple of tasks can feel overwhelming. You took a complex topic and made if feel visually welcoming from the start. I think the emotion tracker is a wonderful tool and giving users the ability to customize their journal pages makes it feel more personal.

Feedback from the Community:

Rose 👏 a Middle School Student from Brooklyn, PS.95
I love this project and how its so helpful! I absolutely love the design and the concept. I love how accessible it it and I look forward to downloading it!
👏 a Middle School Student
👏 a Middle School Student from PS.95
I love your app. It’s so useful and creative! I would download asap!
👏 a Teacher and/or Educator from NYC
Awesome Job!
👏 a Middle School Student
i really love how the colors are made pefectly and i also love how you can add whatever you want/ however u feel to this app, since its kinda like a journal!
👏 a Middle School Student from ms582 nyc
i love the app idea its great as the past few years have been hard for all of us!

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