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“Timely: Be on top of your day, every day”

Creators: Nikita, Oleksandr, Union, and Prethela
High School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ New Dorp High School
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About this Project:

The problem our app addresses is time management in the lives of college and high school students. As you get more assignments in school, it becomes harder and harder to allocate your time to family and take care of your physical, and mental health.

Our app is designed with a human-centered approach from the ground up, so we have accumulated tons of feedback from our potential users to make the final version of our app.

As the user runs the app for the second time, the home screen is opened by default; it consists of reconfigurable and personalizable “blocks”, which are designed to look like a widget on your phone. The idea behind this design is to allow users to configure the app based on their personal preferences, rather than ones strictly set by the developers. For example, adding motivational quotes, personally adjusted by the app sleeping schedule, or even suggestions which book to read on that particular day.

On the bottom of the screen there is a navigation bar, where we have categorized the most important features of our app.

The icon next to a home screen is a tasks list, its main function is to put tasks and reminders from different apps and services which the user uses into one place, organizing them in a simple and easy-to-understand way, allowing the user to add their own task/reminder.

The last page in our navigation bar, besides settings and those mentioned above, is the “family screen”. In the family screen, the most information is displayed, which helps to manage time students spend with their family most effectively. Apart from chats, where users are able to see missing messages in the most important conversations for them, they can look up reminders, To-Do lists, future events, or plans in the Shared Reminders section, where family members are allowed to add or edit items on that list.

The app will heavily utilize the benefits of AI and machine learning to adjust the individual preferences for each user, and how much time the user should allocate on different assignments, tasks, or work to get the most out of their day.

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Home Screen
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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Associate Professor at Lehman College / CUNY — Emoti-Con Judge
Good start on this! I think you need a "hook" that will keep people using this. Something like a "history" tab that shows your behaviors over time and allows you to see how you could make changes in your life based on your activity - a "feedback loop".

👏 Senior Manager, Talent & Organization at Accenture — Emoti-Con Judge
Great concept! You have taken on common problems/needs of teenagers and young adults: time management and health & well-being. As an adult, I also would be interested in an application that can help me manage my time and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I appreciated your video presentation of the problems and your solutions. Creative and unique! I also appreciate the simple design of your app.

As you design the user experience and prioritize key features/functionality of your application, here are a few questions for your consideration:
- How does your application improve upon the user experience and benefits as compared to existing apps/products (e.g., shared calendar apps; e-mail/messaging apps; time management and productivity apps; fitness apps and bands/watches)?
- How would you make your app appeal to high school and college students? What are the unique features, benefits and value for people between the ages of 14 and 23?
- How might your app monitor and track how a user is spending time (e.g., productivity in school work; exercise; social media usage) and provide suggestions/nudges on how a user can improve?

Hope you continue to build-test-learn on your Timely concept. You are off to a great start. Good luck!

👏 Senior Product Manager at Range — Emoti-Con Judge
This was a VERY well-done demo to show off the app. I think it was a thorough solution to the problem of students. I would have loved to see the view of parents/teachers who need to input info into the app. Overall, this would definitely help folk's grades!

👏 CEO at Girls Who Hack — Emoti-Con Judge
Excellent presentation and demo! You could have been selling me a dead rat and I would have bout it! This app is well thought out and I'm glad you asked your peers for feedback and suggestions. Speaking of feedback and suggestions maybe you can add a feature that sinks with your high school/colleges website. That way the app can add school events to the calendar and you can be notified when classes are canceled or when there is a snow day. Another thing to consider is adding a flashcard study feature. that way students can study for their tests on the go. I would also love it if you added dark mode given so many people use it (and it's better for your eyes). Over all great idea and amazing execution! Hope to see this in the app store one day!

Feedback from the Community:

👏 a Teacher and/or Educator from New Dorp
Great concept; addresses relevant student needs in a functionally minimalistic manner. Question: since it aggregates info from across several apps, what are the app's privacy designs?
👏 a High School Student from new york city
how were able to get all of these ideas plan so quick and get it just right
Terrance 👏 a High School Student from queens
The way they there ideas together

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