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“The Period Stigma”

An Animation
A High School Student from Global Kids
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About this Project:

My project talks about periods and how they are stigmatized in society- People who experience periods are often shamed for their periods and believe that they need to keep them extremely private. This stigma can create a very harmful perception of periods, and I wanted to show the impact of this in my project.

A lot of the stigma surrounding periods stems from the lack of education surrounding periods in schools, for both those who experience them and those who do not, so I wanted to make a point to include this issue, and provide a simple solution!

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Community Feedback:

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Feedback from the Judges:

BiaSciLab L. 👏 CEO at Girls Who Hack / Secure Open Vote — Emoti-Con Judge
Hey Teddy! I'm so glad you brought up this issue! Periods have been a taboo subject for a long time and things must change. Though I'm homeschooled some of my friends have told me how their schools handle this subject. A scary amount of them separate girls and guys in different classrooms to teach each group about their own bodies and not the bodies of the other gender leading to another uneducated generation. I appreciate how you mentioned period products should be accessible in every bathroom, but I don’t see how that connects to educating people on this topic. They feel like two important issues under the same umbrella but not in the same category. Maybe if you mentioned how this should be done in school bathrooms it would stay more on topic. This Video was simple, clean, and got to the point and for that reason it would be perfect to send to the Board of Education. It's a great way to draw attention to this subject and create more needed change! Great work! Btw love the werewolf joke!

Alessandra Affinito 👏 Youth Services Manager at Saint Paul Public Library, George Latimer Central Branch — Emoti-Con Judge
Great work on the design of this video, I completely agree that we need more resources to help decrease the stigma surrounding periods! I really liked the design of your video, it was clear and concise in a way that I think would appeal to educators and help spark further conversations. It was also fun to watch, and had some levity to it, which I thought was a great way to add some of your personal flair. I'd love to see some additional resources for where to find more information on periods, or some ideas for how to support schools who are looking to add supplies to their bathrooms. That way we can take this project into a more actionable space where your users can create positive change. Another part of your presentation I appreciated was the gender-neutral approach to periods, I think that aspect is missing in a lot of educational resources and it was really refreshing to see that inclusivity!

Cora Foxx 👏 Lead UXD on Spaces at Google — Emoti-Con Judge
Thank you for creating this thoughtful video! It's awesome that you are helping to breakdown stigmas about periods, and are helping to spread awareness. It's especially important that more people understand that periods effect all people with uteruses. Your pitch to include period products in every genders restrooms was excellent. The visual design of this animation was bold and impactful. The symbolism you used to distinguish between people who are having their period and not was extremely effective. I love that the visual elements are consistent throughout, it makes the piece very cohesive. Great work!

Sariyah Idan 👏 Teaching Artist at Pockets Change — Emoti-Con Judge
It's so important to break stigma's around periods! I appreciate the simplicity of the design, the black white and red design is both impactful and very fitting given the subject. The gender neutral approach is awesome, and I really appreciated the choices of when you showed a traditionally male formed body and traditionally female formed body...... I agree that it could be great to add action resources to the video itself, or maybe in the description depending on where the video is hosted. I also think it could be useful to add something in the video about what a uterus is and why it discharges blood and tissue monthly. I also am not sure that periods have "always" been considered gross. I think in older land based cultures it was considered a sacred time and a sacred action of the body. Adding something about this could also help to shift stigmas, but it might also be a whole different video.... Great work!

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