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“The Anxiety Project”

An App/Software Project
4 High School Students from Thomas A. Edison Career & Technical High School

About this Project:

We made two different project games about anxiety. The challenges were we were trying to figure out how to make a game that expresses the issue we wanted to talk about which was a anxiety. First we knew that we needed to understand the game we wanted to make and then we had to figure out how to make that game our teacher propose we use code.org and ghostschool, code.org for the first project and ghostschool for the second project.

Our first project is about the main character having anxiety and the main character going to school that teaches and spreads ways to cope with anxiety. The player has the choose to talk to students that will give the main character ideas of ways of coping with anxiety.

The second project is a game that can help take your mind off things and spread positive emotions when playing, We did this by having the player spot the different on Ghostschools objects, Its been proven that playing spot the difference help release positive emotions.

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More About this Project

The first link is the link to project 1 which is the project on code.org and is the high school anxiety simulator.

Project 2 is ghostschools were the player spots the differents in the two photos.

Project 3 Is the wix project were we add both the first and second projects into one website that explains our inspiration, motives , anxiety.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Chelsea Rodriguez 👏 Computer Science Graduate at Queens College — Emoti-Con Judge
Very innovative way to approach anxiety, these student provided multiple methods to help cope with anxiety including a game. This app can definitely go a long way and can help support the millions of people coping with anxiety in a more fun approach. Highly recommend for these students to continue building this app!

Miguel Asse 👏 Product and Business Strategy Lead, Analytics at Google — Emoti-Con Judge
Great job using interactivity to teach users about mental health, anxiety, and ways for them to cope. I really appreciated the different classrooms and interactions with classmates with suggestions on how they can improve their wellbeing.

In addition, I really liked your website design and use of fading text in and out depending on what section the user is navigating to.

Pablo Smith 👏 Creative Director at Godling Studio — Emoti-Con Judge
You definitely tackled a very real problem that is actively a concern amongst a lot of students. Your approach is really interesting, as sometimes when having anxiety, it helps to play out the scenario of what could happen, and so having a classroom simulator could be a way of calming someone down before they enter an actual classroom. Great job on the design aspect too! My only piece of feedback is to make sure you test your app fully: there were a couple screens with text missing or lack of instructions

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