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“Sweet Home”

Creators: Olivia and Abby
Middle School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ MS 582

About this Project:

Hi, our names are Olivia and Abby. We are 6th grade students at M.S. 582. We have created an app called “Sweet Home”. This app is designed to help immigrant families. We chose to help immigrant families because people all over the world are coming into the United States and we wanted to help them find ways to become more comfortable in their new home by helping them learn English and find jobs.

Our project, Sweet home, is designed to help immigrants who have recently moved to the United States. We tried to consider the different issues that immigrants might face when moving to a new country such as learning to speak a new language, finding a home or a job. We also wanted to think more about what our users might need so we made connections with immigrant families that we know personally, in order to get more information about what features our app would need to provide the best support for recently immigrated families.

Some of the features we knew we had to include to make our software functional for users is a log in/sign in screen. Once users log in, they may choose from a list of all the challenges that immigrants experience, and then choose one that helps you address your problems.

Our app will help people with learning how to speak English and read in English using a translation feature. Users will also have a feature that will help them with learning to count and budget their money, there is also a feature to support users by providing a list of schools to help them finding and pay for schools and homes. There is a translation feature for users who need support in learning to read and speak English. Our program will support immigrant families by educating them, finding employment, and learning English. In our app we will also accept volunteers who speak different languages in order to help the immigrant families. Users can chat or search for volunteer organizations if they need more help.

We believe our app can really help immigrant families settle into their new homes and help them become successful in life.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Growth and Partnerships Manager at Wix Education — Emoti-Con Judge
HOW AMAZING IS THIS IDEA?! I am so impressed at this project's ability to solve SUCH a large problem and truly help people when they need it the most. The issues that the project identified are directly solved through the capabilities of the app. And the project clearly takes into account all the issues refugees and immigrants may face, on such an empathetic level. From housing, to schooling, to budgeting, to speaking - the app addresses so many things and will have such a great impact that can TRULY be life changing! I believe that this is something that, without a doubt, should exist on a large-scale level.

👏 Executive Director of Support - ACCESS at NYC Department of Education — Emoti-Con Judge
Well done team! I was 6 years old when my parents brought us here from Hong Kong ... I was the only member of my family who spoke (very little) English. I had to help my parents translate at a very young age. This app will be life-changing for immigrant families and allow them to feel some power and control in making a new life. The resources are thoughtful and the app looks like it would be easy to use. Consider developing a parallel website that can be accessed from public libraries in case someone doesnt have a smart phone. I hope to see this on the market soon!

👏 Director of Program Performance at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
Bravo on approaching an important topic, and looking for a solution to help those in your community! Learning another language and searching for a job are both difficult tasks, and even more so when done at the same time in a new place. I encourage you to focus your app and design on one particular concern. Perhaps your app is the go-to place for finding a volunteer English tutor. Perhaps your app doesn't simply direct to other job boards, but is the place where people go to find jobs specifically for new immigrants. Through more interviews, you might be able to hone in on a specific need for those in your community. You're on the right track, and have a great start! Congrats!

👏 East Coast - Implementation - Custom Ecommerce at Dutchie — Emoti-Con Judge
Olivia + Abby,

I commend you both for being such strong, young leaders advocating for the immigrant community.
Coming to a different country, learning a new language, and finding employment can be challenging. What I really like about your app is empowering the immigrant community with the knowledge and support they need for a fresh new start. I think you two are on the right path, and I am really looking forward to seeing this app into reality.

Fantastic fantastic job, keep it up!

👏 Head of Transitions at Alliance Global Partners — Emoti-Con Judge
Olivia and Abby you two did a fantastic job coming up with the idea for this app. An app that centralizes all the necessary resources for immigrants to use is so incredibly unique and genuine. Starting a new life in a different country can be challenging and unfortunately, there are a ton of hiccups in the process. If there was an app like yours, this would make the transition for them so much better. Hopefully, with more time you would be able to bring your designs to life. I would have loved to see more of your design process - your interviews and how your idea became what it is today but overall I think you two are headed in the right direction

Feedback from the Community:

👏 a Middle School Student
i don't have a feedback but it's helpful for the people that are immigrants.
👏 a Middle School Student
i like how you thought about the immigrants and how to get from places
Gina 👏 a High School Student from Peru🇵🇪
This better win this helps the community so much all these other apps exist already!!
zai 👏 a Middle School Student
nice app it will really help the world we live in rn
MS582 Student 👏 a Middle School Student
This app certainly could help people in need of such things, language barriers are certainly something quite troublesome in our world, however this app could certainly help said issue. Great app! I hope to see more! :D
Ms.582 Student 👏 a Middle School Student from New York City
It's a helpful app this app can help you go back home in a safe why and go anywhere you want to go.
Alex 👏 a Middle School Student from Brooklyn, NY
I really liked your project because it really can help people be happy and healthy here in the US. It is important that we support those of other countries so they can be successful and raise successful families.
EMaim 👏 a Middle School Student
This is amazing for the community please let this app win!
Emma 👏 a College Representative
This software appeals to me since it would benefit my family and me, as well as other community members who are acquainted with the United States. Please, let this be the winner.
👏 a Teacher and/or Educator
This is a good organization please let thing win!
👏 a College Representative
this project is amazing, very informational and well detailed. Hope you win !
Kelly 👏 a High School Student from I’m from queens New York
I love this idea this app could really impact many lives! 👍👍
Jennifef 👏 a Community Member from Brooklyn
This is awesome!! So great omggg!!
👏 a Community Member
This is an amazing app it can really help people!
Edgar 👏 a College Representative from United States
I think this is a really cool idea that would have a huge impact on the world, maybe one day it can come into the light and make a change.
Elliott 👏 a Parent and/or Guardian from Brooklyn
What a great idea! It's so encouraging and positive to see our youth stepping up and facing some of the difficult issues in our society like Immigration. Gives us hope knowing the up and coming generation cares about the families and people immigrating to our country and sincerely wants to help them. Great job kids and thank you for having the heart and compassion we need more of as Americans for helping the most vulnerable and in need. A+

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