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“Sustainable Shopping”

Creators: Eleanor, Madison, Stephanie, Alexander
High School Students from Mouse Design League (Lab)
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About this Project:

Sustainable Shopping is an app that works to address eco-anxiety surrounding climate change and related environmental concerns.
It does this by helping people choose environmentally healthy products by allowing users to see the environmental impacts of the things they buy.
We help consumers learn about the impacts of their purchases, and help them find new products that might be more environmentally healthy.
We hope that by empowering users to make more environmentally sound purchases, we can help ease some of their eco anxiety and help them be confident that they are making decisions that align with what they care about.

Project Media


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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 FP&A Associate, Marketing at Vanguard — Emoti-Con Judge
This is such a great idea! As someone who is very eco-conscious, I would definitely use this app. This app address a need for greater transparency and insight into eco-friendly purchases. I would love to see more examples of how community involvement comes into play when using this app. Great job!

👏 Senior Product Manager at Etsy — Emoti-Con Judge
Great job with Sustainable Shopping! There are so many great elements of your work but I'd love to focus on your topic selection, the framing of your pitch and the thoughtfulness of your design. On the topic selection, I appreciated your focus on eco-anxiety and that the source of that focus came from interviews. Narrowing your focus to eco-anxiety helps make clear the need for Sustainable Shopping. In the presentation you clearly expressed the problems caused by eco-anxiety and your designs help me to really visualize how using Sustainable Shopping would feel. The color scheme you chose even feels calming. As you think further about Sustainable Shopping, what are the actions you would expect a user to take (and how they would feel) after using the product search? What might the user do or see if the product they searched scored poorly on the sustainability rating? What might they do or see if the product they searched scored highly? Defining those steps will help strengthen the Sustainable Shopping community. Keep up the thoughtful work!

👏 Director of Instructional Design at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
This is a really interesting topic that I never heard of before. Thank you for teaching me something new! I really love the idea of making it so easy for users to learn about the impacts that their purchases have on the Earth and society. Your user interface seems very intuitive and easy to understand so that users can just open it up and learn more about the items they are looking to purchase. I think one way to build on this already solid foundation you have built is to consider helping users find eco-friendly items: instead of looking up specific items/brands, they could click on the type of item they are looking for and be directed to eco-friendly options and places to buy them. This is a great app idea, and people who want to make an immediate impact at the person-level would love it!

👏 IT Infrastructure Support at ArcherPoint — Emoti-Con Judge
I love the idea of taking out the guesswork if the products I buy are good or bad for the environment. The lack of transparency defiantly is a source of eco-anxiety many of us face as it is difficult to make choices without information. Your design is super intuitive to use but I would maybe add a shopping list feature and have you suggest "green" products and if they are not available allow me to scan alternatives and make my decision from there.
Overall a great concept with a real impact on a sustainable future. Awesome job!

Feedback from the Community:

👏 a High School Student
This is a great idea of helping the environment by being more conscious of the items we buy, it is very innovative. I really like how you thought outside the box. I would like to see a section in your app design that includes trends. There are many trends we see online that people are interested in, and it would be great if the app suggests what to buy that is related to the trend so it doesn't impact the environment much when the trend ends and the clothes end up being thrown away.

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