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Finalist: Most Social Impact
An App/Software Project
By Cailan, Muhammad, and Rafael
High School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ Academy for Conservation and the Environment

About this Project:

We are creating the Survey Spot App because, in New York City schools, many students do not eat school lunch. They just stay hungry the whole day because they do not like school food. Not eating food will not only affect their health but also it will affect their studies because now they are not getting the nutrition they need to be able to focus on their studies.

Our Logo includes a spoon and a fork to represent food and this app is a survey spot for just that, food, particularly school lunch. We want to give NYC students a way to voice their opinions in a positive and impactful manner. Students give feedback on today's school lunch. Students complete a survey that gauges the reason school lunch menu items are disliked, hated, liked, or even loved. The data gathered through the survey can be seen in real-time, visible to students, school leaders, cafeteria heads, the NYC school's Chancellor, and even the Mayor. By listening to the voices of teens, NYC will benefit and so will the students who attend NYC schools.

Note for users, when using our app, please click slideshow view. Use the button and arrows on the app as they are all working. The user experience will be unique in that way.

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More About this Project

Good afternoon judges and esteemed guests. My name is Cailan and my partners are Muhammad and Rafael. Today we are here to present our app design called survey spot. I have a question for each of you. Did you enjoy your lunch today? Some of you might say yes while others say no. If you are one of those that said no, I am sure, tomorrow you are going to make sure to get a different lunch. Why? Because who wants to eat a lunch that is no good.

Guess what? Not everybody can do that. Every single day High School Students in NYC eat or refuse to eat lunch that they call with disdain “free, free” or “packaged slop” or “garbage.” We, high school students, unlike adults, cannot choose the food we eat at school. In fact, according to CBS News “The controller's office found from the 2015-2018 fiscal years, the (NYC) DOE spent more than half a billion dollars on food products" that end up on the cafeteria floors, in the garbage, and in a few mouths. The problem here is not money. NYC has the money. The problem is students and parents, school admin, and teachers do not play a role in deciding how this money is spent. Now I want you all to imagine what would happen if students ran the cafeteria? This is where our app Survey Spot comes in. Our app surveys students about the school lunch to get their immediate feedback that will go directly and in real-time to the school admin, mayor, and school chancellor.

I am a student who never eats school lunch. It's unappealing. It angers me that my parents pay tax dollars that pay for food that I cannot eat. This app is important for me because I want my voice heard by the admin all the way to the chancellor. So if I use this app, the survey portion is most important because it can show the principal and cafeteria heads what I feel and think, but it's also not only me that feels the same way there are many other students that feel the same way but are unable to express it.

So in other words let me show you how someone like me that doesn’t eat school lunch would use this app for my voice to be heard.

Slide1: This is the about us page. This page shows what our app is mainly about and what we are trying to accomplish with it.

Slide 2: This is our school lunch schedule page. This page shows the lunch of the day and the lunches to come, it gives students a heads up of what the cafeteria will be serving on a certain day.

Slide3: This is our nutrition page giving information on the nutrients in our lunch for the day. We have also included a portions plate so students can begin thinking about not just what they want to eat but what they need to eat.

Slide 4: This is our survey page. This is where students like myself and adults can take the survey about the school's lunch of the day. The survey collects data from the answered questions and displays the results. It is to note that the survey is completely anonymous making everyone comfortable in answering the questions.

Slide 5: This is our survey data. This page shows all the data collected from the survey of the answered questions. This can be seen by both students and adults. And as you can see there is a large percentage of students that don't eat school lunch compared to those who do.

At South Shore, we have approximately 2000 students that attend daily. If each lunch costs $5, then each day our school spends $10,000 dollars. If 83 percent of those students do not each school lunch, then the school loses $8,300 dollars on that day. If we take this figure as a norm and calculate how much money schools lose during the school year which is 181 days, our school loses $1,502,300 per academic school year. This does not include summer meals, breakfast, or after-school meals. This is only a calculation for the South Shore campus.

Our app is unique because it is made by NYC students. It gives kids like me a voice and it translates our voice into numbers through visuals, a language that speaks to adults who can create change. This app will go far because it has the potential to create change through students and can save taxpayers money that wouldn't be wasted on food that students don't eat. This app has the potential to go beyond lunch and into other areas of education where student's voice lacks and change is needed.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Dipali Aphale 👏 Design Strategist (UX, Strategy, Product, Facilitation)) at IBM — Emoti-Con Judge
I think this app is incredibly necessary and commend you all for thinking about the health of students. I appreciate that you considered multiple user groups in your solution. Really lovely work!

Steffi Gogoi 👏 Senior UX Designer at ADP — Emoti-Con Judge
I loved the thought process behind this idea. Also, the project is so detailed and well explained. This app is super helpful in thinking about students' health and food wastage due to students not liking the taste of the food. I felt that the design could have been much better considering color contrast. Also, I wasn't quite sure whether this would be installed as a kiosk or mobile device because some students might not have access to the phones so could have thought of having a kiosk at the canteen for people to look through or app or website link for every student to go through. Overall, great work!

Caroline Espinal 👏 Freelance Illustrator (Caroissant), Manager (NERD Escapes) at Caroissant, NERD Escapes — Emoti-Con Judge
This is so wonderful! After many relatable days passing on lunch, I would have loved an app like this while I was in high school. I love that you added nutrition education for students! Learning how to be food positive as a teen helps you make better choices for a healthy young adult life, and it all starts with eating good food in schools! I would love to see you incorporate the nutritional facts of the school provided food. This can help students with allergies and would be a great resource to bring up in survey responses for those in charge to make the food healthier and more accessible.

Great job pitching the app idea!

Feedback from the Community:

MUHAMMAD S 👏 a High School Student
Thank you, Dipali Aphale for your feedback!
Marisa 👏 a Technology Professional
I love this app and your pitch is great. Young people deserve to have their voices heard and have access to food that is nutritious without tasting gross. This is a great idea. Good work, team!

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