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“Student Finance”

A Web Project
By Elijah, Justin, and Daniel
Middle and High School Students from All Star Code
Student Finance Logo

About this Project:

Believed to be lack of information regarding personal finance for students preparing for college. Only advice available was towards those who’ve already reached adulthood. There should be information of savings, credit, taxes and investing geared towards high school students. A need for a space for students sharing their questions, tips and experiences regarding personal finance.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
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Feedback from the Judges:

Jesse Horton 👏 Instructional Design Manager at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
You've identified a really important problem that high student's face today. This information is hard, even for adults, to access. So marketing this towards high students is a great idea! As is, your project could provide a great service, but what I really love about it is the potential. There is so much important financial information out there that students just don't know about that your app could provide. I'm excited to see how far you can take this!

Perri Meeks 👏 Director of Programs at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
The website you've designed looks sleek and you're addressing an important issue. I wonder what your plan is for recruiting subject matter experts for the advice section. I can really see this being a helpful resource for high school students seeking to learn more about finance and college. Perhaps in the future you could think about partnering with organizations that serve high school students to get users! Excellent work.

Sariyah Idan 👏 Teaching Artist at Pockets Change — Emoti-Con Judge
I love this project. The website is simple and very clear. The green is a great color for talking about money. My favorite element of the site is that it is a place for conversations between peers to share advice, struggles, questions etc. Money buddy conversations are vital.... Full discloser, I am a teaching artist with an organization called Pockets Change that teaches financial literacy to youth, so this is an area that I am both knowledgeable and passionate about. And I will say that the most important thing is to start having conversations about money, financial systems, how they can negatively impact us and how they can uplift us. Starting to have these conversations can be uncomfortable, but it's really important. It's great that your site offers an easy and fairly anonymous way to initiate these conversations!! This could be an amazing resource and make a huge impact in the lives of many people....

Perri Meeks, one of the other judges above wrote in a comment that they were interested in how you might recruit experts for an advice section. You can certainly use us at Pockets Change as a resource and reach out through our website. We also have a toolkit section on the site that you might find really useful...... I hope you keep developing this site!

Feedback from the Community:

👏 a Teacher from TACMS
Very innovative and a great idea. Totally a topic that young students should be more educated on. I love that you have a section for people to give advice too. You should try and get experts from maybe banks or investment firms to provide some tips too. I love this, very crispy as some may say
Parent 👏 a Parent from Long Island, NY
Financial literacy is vital for our youth. What an amazing way to give back to the community! I know I had so many questions in my youth, I could have used something like this as a great resource before heading to college. Amazing concept!! I’d definitely love to be a contributor advice and answers! Very clean design 👍👍
Nadine 👏 a Community Member from Brooklyn NY
Probably the most important but least available topic for young people. Brilliant idea!
Kristina 👏 a Technology Professional from All Star Code
Elijah, Justin, and Daniel - I'm so happy to see this out in the world! You've all dreamed big and dared to make this happen!
Danny 👏 a Technology Professional from NYC
This is 🔥. With 2/3 of Americans not able to pass a basic financial literacy test, this project is important, timely, and accessible!
Jared 👏 a Parent from Brooklyn
I truly wish I had a resource like this when I was in high school. I think it’s more then a great idea, I think it should be an essential service for all kids in their educational lives.
Luis n 👏 a Parent
Great job amazing work so much talent
Victoria n 👏 a Community Member
He’s a genius with the computers
Imtiazur 👏 a Middle School Student from ms88
I love this idea and i think it will be very useful for kids that are about to go to college. Overall I would definitely install this app if i could and i feel like many other students would also install this. Since, This will basically help them set up their own future.
I would give this app a 4.5 out of 5 because of the effort and the idea.
👏 a Parent
This is definitely needed. Great job ‼️

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