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“Strive For Greatness”

Creators: Kaila, Hailey, Hannah, and Isabelle
Middle School Students from STEM from Dance
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About this Project:

This Video uses animations that the students coded themselves using P5JS.

The animations along with the dance represent the students sense of unity and togetherness, while still showing pride and celebration for each others diverse backgrounds.

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Community Feedback:

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Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Development Director at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
I really enjoyed this presentation at what the students created. I think it's important to show different cultures and as a woman with Caribbean roots, I know how important it is to show pride of my culture. I would suggest that it would of been great to see the actual application that was created and the process of making this dance application. Otherwise, great job students!!!

👏 Engineer at Engineering — Emoti-Con Judge
I want to know more about P5JS and how you used it. I'd love to learn how to use this myself! I really liked the imagery of the bubbles and the flags overlaid on the joyous expression of dance! Good choices for the unity visuals. I think that your group did a wonderful job to produce this video of joy and unity and dance. It also makes me realize how to combine a passion for dance with a love of producing videos and maybe even some coding for effects that bring it to another level of art! The finished product is joyous and a celebration of dance and culture that is very organic and textured and worthwhile to experience. I hope that you had fun making this and learned how "production" = dance and choreography and coding and video production! Great exposure to learn about careers in the interdisciplinary future. Great job!

👏 UX Designer | Strategist at IBM — Emoti-Con Judge
I loved the energy and am glad you girls were able to combine your passions for dance and technology while also representing your home. I clearly see the vision, and I can see your idea broadening and changing the way we watch dance competitions on television, as well as making it more engaging for the audience! Creating a sense of unity is an important part of bringing people together, and I'm glad you found a way to demonstrate it through technology. ⚡️👏👯‍♀️💫

👏 Teaching Artist at Pockets Change — Emoti-Con Judge
As a dancer I really appreciate your energy and the effort that went into choreographing and practicing this routine for the video! The choice to move in close the camera at the end was a simple and yet effective way to create dynamic without fancy editing of many video cuts.

I agree that the bubbles and flags work well to illustrate a feeling of unity in diversity. I would also like to know a bit more of your process. I can also see how with more time and resources to shoot in a space with more theatrical lighting this could develop into a simple yet very evocative production. I hope you all feel a sense of accomplishment with this and that through the process you've developed new skills for your future endeavors!

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