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“Stress? No More!”

Creators: Marcela, Kevin, Fiorela, Katerina, Ashley, Christina, and Joanna.
Middle School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ College Point Collaborative
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About this Project:

The inspiration to create stress no more came from the idea of students and teachers being stressed out over many different things. While brainstorming ideas, we considered the importance of the variety of problems that different people go through. We decided to interview social worker Ms. Jessie, and our Dean Ms. Johnsen, in order to gain a better understanding of helping people cope with their problems and provide coping mechanisms to help them and even contact professionals if needed. Our research demonstrated the need for a function that professionals would be on call to talk to people regardless their circumstances. We had to determine all issues of stress and try to get into people shoes to try and get every coping mechanism and majority of people they may need to help them no longer be stressed.

Our app distinguishes itself by giving every possible way to help you handle and cope with stress. Our app tries its hardest to make sure you leave the app with less or even no stress at all, regardless of your age and identity.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 UX Research Lead at WorkMarket an ADP Company — Emoti-Con Judge
This was a thoughtful concept and kudos to your team for conducting up-front research prior to building your project. The suggestions included in the app are on point for stress reduction.

I wonder if you do more to leverage the power of a mobile app. E.g., for music connect to a streaming service, include stress exercise videos that users can watch, etc. Text based suggestions are a good start but the app places too much on the user to find their own ways of working through the suggestions, which may lead to more stress!

Great concept and I would try to think of ways of taking this further for users for your 2.0 launch.

👏 Product Manager at RIA in a Box — Emoti-Con Judge
Hi team - this is awesome! Both your product design and public speaking skills are beyond your years. Your app exhibited your talents as designers, but even more so demonstrated your abilities to think through a problem and build effective and scalable solutions. I encourage you to carry forward with this project and continue constructing solutions to stress and other similar problems.

👏 Director of Learning Design at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
WOW! Great idea and pitch! You really did a great job telling the story of how and why you created this app, and made me understand not only how the app would work, but also why it is important. You clearly put a lot of thought and work into this design and it shows! I think this app would definitely be useful for all kinds of people. The only feedback I have is I would like to see more images in the interface design, to make it more visually engaging, and maybe some more interactive elements to de-stress within the app itself.
Excellent work overall - I think you all have a future in digital product design!
Keep up the great work!

👏 East Coast - Implementation - Custom Ecommerce at Dutchie — Emoti-Con Judge
Hi fellow Queens kids!

Great app concept and incredible presentation, great job, and kudos to you all! You nailed all the points out of the park, and that stress does vary individually. I really like that you all lead with empathy, and assess various ways stress can be managed.

What I think could improve your app in the future:
1) student base support is also as important as deans, tutors, and other authority figures
2) providing various resources such as nonprofits, and support centers

Incredible job and looking forward to seeing where you all take this!

👏 Director of Instructional Design, 2U Boot Camps at 2U Inc. — Emoti-Con Judge
Stress is such a huge problem, especially since the start of the pandemic. It affects adults and kids alike, so I'm really glad you chose to address this issue. I'm very impressed with the research you did for this app. Getting information on mental wellness and stress reduction from experts such a social worker and a school dean is exactly what a professional app design would do! I also love that you provide multiple different coping mechanisms since no one solution is right for everybody. Great work team! Keep it up!

Feedback from the Community:

Valentina 👏 a High School Student
👏 a Middle School Student from NYC
I like it
👏 a Middle School Student
Amaizng work!🚀
Luisa 👏 a Middle School Student
Love it!!!
Lucas 👏 a Middle School Student
Such a good project!!
Joanna \ 👏 a Middle School Student
❤️Love to see it miss!!
👏 a Middle School Student
Great work!
Santiago 👏 a Middle School Student
👏 a Middle School Student
Loved it

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