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“Stop Scammers!”

Creators: Mona, Jeffrey, Jason, Joel, and Carly
Middle School Students from Redwood Middle School

About this Project:

This project is simply about tips that can help prevent you from being scammed in the future. Since it is a major issue for a lot of people. We have created a website and video showing ways how people can scam you and how you can simply avoid that and not get robbed for your own personal items.

Basically scamming is another way of robbing but it just does not sound as bad but it is. You are giving up things without knowing that you're about to be scammed. Many people have advocated against scammers and don't think that scammers deserve to be alive and continue to ruin peoples lives. Although it really is not their fault, I have stated many reasons for why you should not target scammers in my website.

We have decided to keep reaching out to people and give them tips so they do not get scammed since I know that's the last thing they want to happen to them on a good day. So we as a group have come together and decided to make a website and send people the link of the information since they can check all the tips about scammers right there and even if they are being scammed on the spot. They can remember a tip and use that instead of continuing the deal. Therefore we are here to help people not get scammed because the scam rates have been going up a lot and people are not learning to not give scammers any intel since they can not tell who's a scammer and who is not a scammer. It is very difficult to refuse a deal that sounds real, But most likely the deal will be fake.

Thus being, Our group/team Has made this targeting kids since most kids tend to get scammed easily since they don't know much about scammers and what they are or what they do for a living. So, We are here to help with that. - Redwood Scam Prevents.

Project Media



More About this Project

The links are simply a video I have created to show someone being scammed and how they used our tips to prevent being scammed. The project link is a website where I have all our creations there to view. The presentation link shows our slides of where some of our tips are and how scammers scam people and what the scam rate was in past years etc.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Country Manager at InsideBoard — Emoti-Con Judge
Great work on the video, it is very engaging and very well made.

The application is very simple and provides access to great resources. You could add additional features to the app such as tutorials, quizzes to make sure users can resolve a situation.

You could also add alerts for the user to new types of scams, since new ones keep appearing almost weekly.

Overall you have chosen a very hot issue, one where people really need help and you are making great contributions to this fight. Great job!

👏 Manager, Design League & Volunteers at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
Awesome job Mona, Jeffrey, Jason, Joel, and Carly!

You chose a really good issue to address, especially since scamming has become even more difficult to detect. Information is a valuable thing and you all did a great job by identifying the need to offer users preventative measures to take so they don't fall into the trap.
I really enjoyed your video! It is an impressive marketing tool to draw people to your website.

If your team decides to continue working on this project, some suggestions would be adding a few more features like maybe screening emails/calls and routinely adding articles for people to read up-to-date news/information about scam prevention.

Wonderful job!

👏 Principal Consultant at The Group Forward — Emoti-Con Judge
Great job! You certainly identified an important issue to address. I like the use of steps people can follow to identify whether they're being scammed; scammers rely on overwhelming people, so your simple-to-use approach is very helpful.

The video was my favorite part of the project; it's entertaining and well edited, and I can see it as a great tool to get people excited about and using your website. I was interested in how you stated that Red Wood is available 24/7; is there some way for you to build in direct support in addition to the website resources?

Well done!

👏 Program Manager at Meta — Emoti-Con Judge
You did a great job identifying the top risks people are most likely to face from scammers and focusing on solutions and education around them. I also really liked how you used the video medium to show what scamming looks like in real life; this makes your work easier to understand and accessible to a wider audience.

This is an important issue that affects many people. I'm certain your website will be very impactful!

Feedback from the Community:

Abdu 👏 a Middle School Student from Queens
I loved the video and it really did hook me to it but I do think this is helpful and a great way to help people all around
kyle 👏 a Middle School Student
this is very helpful thank you
jade 👏 a Middle School Student
this helps people know when someone is going to scam
Paiden 👏 a Middle School Student from america
you should make more videos on i guess roblos to catch kids attention even more
👏 a Middle School Student
these are good videos.👍
👏 a Middle School Student from Queens
i enjoyed the video, it is a good one.
Eli 👏 a Middle School Student from America
This was a great project, primarily because of the effort that was implemented into this project.
carla 👏 a Middle School Student from Jamaica queens
redwood scam preventers short movie is really entertaining. (good job)
Tanayja 👏 a Middle School Student from jamaica queens
Good job
mishanna 👏 a Middle School Student
this was a really cool animation
Cloudy 👏 a Middle School Student from Manhattan NY
I really like that you guys thought of a site to inform people about how to prevent you or other people from being scammed!
Noah 👏 a Middle School Student
Keep up the Good work Guys!!!
Ms. B 👏 a Teacher and/or Educator
This is a current and real life problem that affects many people. You did a great job bringing awareness to this issue.
henna 👏 a Middle School Student
good work!!!!
👏 a Middle School Student
good job
😈 👏 a Middle School Student from Queens
like the effort you put in the work.
Mahalia 👏 a Middle School Student from from JQ
I like the plot and I like how you added the background voice
Brian 👏 a Middle School Student from new york city
I liked the plot and I like how you added other students to do the background voices.
Elijah 👏 a Middle School Student
Something that I like about this is that how it gives you advice about how to stop the scammers and what scammers are
👏 a Middle School Student from danica d
great work
Mrs. E 👏 a Teacher and/or Educator from Long Island, NY
Your project addresses a problem that everyone can connect with. Your Website is informative and your YouTube video offers tips. This project reflects well thought out idea, planning, designing, and collaboration. Keep up the creativity and use social media to positively impact our society.
Anissa 👏 a Middle School Student from Redwood Middle School
I love it nice job!
Mikai 👏 a Middle School Student
I think this is a very good short video about scams
Nylah 👏 a Middle School Student from Queens NY
Amazing Video keep up the good work!
jesiah 👏 a Middle School Student from red wood
keep the good work good video #stopscammers
angel 👏 a Middle School Student
the video was awesome

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