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“SISCL Connects”

Creators: Akif, Keira and Kahiyra
Middle School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ Staten Island School of Civic Leadership
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About this Project:

During our interviews we identified communication as an important priority for our school. We wanted to set up an app that connects everyone in the school and makes it easier to communicate. SISCL Connects will help teachers, parents and students come together virtually. It will provide calendars, reminders and private chat opportunities for everyone in the school.

Our app, SISCL Connects, helps all members of the school community share information. When we interviewed members of the school community they all stated it is difficult to keep track of all the events going on in school. A student said, "I don't remember when there are fundraisers and I always forget money." A parent said, "I have difficulty keeping track of my Middle School students school calendar. It is very different from elementary school and I wish there was a place where everything was all together." Finally a teacher said, "I would like to know what is going on in other classes so I don't schedule things on the same days." Our app would not only help with classes, but it would help keep track of all the different events that go on in our school. It would unify the school in a way not currently available.

When the app opens, the first screen is a login screen. The user logs in with a username and password.

You are shown all the things that are going on in school and then you can select your own homeroom and get more specific information. Your class, private messages with teachers, reminders, and Event calendars are all available for you to look at.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Education Lead at Wix Tomorrow — Emoti-Con Judge
I really loved reading about your design process — especially the research you conducted come up with and to help shape your idea. It was fun to read about your process from start to finish, and how your research and interviews directly influenced the design of SISCL Connects. This is what real-world UX designers do (we do this at my job!). You can't design something for someone else unless you take time to deeply understand them.

I would love to see how you build out SISCL Connects with more features, and even more flair! How can you make this both a useful and engaging/fun/joyful experience for your users with design, interactivity, or even gamification?

I think you should bring this idea to life. Your school community needs this, and needs you!

👏 Education Modernization Team Head of Design at Meta — Emoti-Con Judge
Amazing job incorporating so much thought into your idea – one that truly feels like it would help change your school’s communication problem for the better! I loved to see that you conducted interviews, as that is a standard ‘user testing’ practice designers like me follow in the professional design industry, and a good skill to learn early on! Reading through the quotes that your interviewees provided you gave me better perspective on why you made the decisions you did when creating your app – and I am sure you used them as ‘guide posts’ to keep your user at the center of all the decision-making you did. It would be great to see a more ‘clickable’ prototype built in exciting online programs such as “Figma” or “Canva” so you can really bring the app to life, as well as incorporating more visuals into it so the experience can relate more to the viewer. Overall, wonderful job team!

👏 Software Engineering Tech Lead at Google — Emoti-Con Judge
Great job in collecting pain points from your prospective users to serve as inspiration for your design process. It sounds like this app would meet a real need to have better communication for all members of the school community. I'd like to hear more about the full feature set you think an app like this could provide and to see more mock-ups of what the look and feel would be like for the users. But this is a great start!

Feedback from the Community:

jack 👏 a Middle School Student
love the idea school could use apps like this

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