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“Self Help”

Creators: Allia, Srimon, and Adrianna.
High School Students from CS4ALL NYC @ Thomas A. Edison CTE High School
Self help

About this Project:

Our project grants easy access to multiple hotlines and grants a sense of peace and safety to those who are struggling and in need of help. We add tips and little doable activities to help get those minds at a piece of ease. We are pro-recovery and encourage happiness and the goal always is serenity. We hope that this app helps the user to overcome the fear of reaching out. We want them to know that they are not alone. We understand what it's like to be young adults coming into the real world but want to maintain a healthy headspace.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Chelsea Rodriguez
👏 Computer Science Graduate at Queens College — Emoti-Con Judge
These students did a great job with the design process, they made this app inclusive to different types of groups who might suffer from mental health issues. This app can definitely go a long way since it targets all audiences. Very impressed they took into consideration the users needs when deciding the color scheme for the app!

Alessandra Affinito
👏 Youth Services Manager at Saint Paul Public Library, George Latimer Central Branch — Emoti-Con Judge
This project really showcases how you can build intentions and atmosphere by thinking about design elements. Tech is so much more than the code or the software behind it, and it's clear that you understand how things like color scheme or imagery affect the way users interact with your project. When I was looking at your website and app, I felt the calm headspace that you wanted to create-great job! I would have loved to see more ways that the user can interact with your app directly, or opportunities to engage with other users on the app. You start to do that with the fun 'Spot the Difference' page on your website, and I'd love to see more aspects similar to that on your app. Maybe activities to go along with the Tips? But having a one-stop shop for many different resources is really helpful to folks who might be overwhelmed by the amount of information out there, and this tool is an easy way to connect to important services!

Joe Saavedra
👏 Founder & CEO at Infinite Objects — Emoti-Con Judge
Creating a resource for those most in need is an extremely valuable concept. Centralizing the hot lines for the variety of crisis management types is extremely useful, especially since those who are in crisis don't often have the patience to do research and identify the most useful places to get help. I love how you are thoughtful about the design of the application, and even include a game to keep their mind occupied while waiting on hold. You should consider making this into a mobile-responsible web application so anyone can simply go to your website to find this great resource and experience without having to install an app. Well done!

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