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Creators: Candice, Samantha, Mia, Anna, Maximus, Judah, and Elvin
Middle School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ PS 95 The Gravesend School

About this Project:

Homelessness and poverty is a devastating issue to the world. This app's goal is to try and help homeless people or people who are struggling with poverty. On this app, you can navigate and find homeless shelters, food banks, and water fountains. You can also chat with people experiencing the same things as you and access therapists if you are ever feeling down. Our moderators will ensure that messages are monitored and quality assurance is provided as well as translation services.

We came up with this idea based on the current issue of homelessness, especially within our area in Brooklyn. It started with a small concept only of finding homeless shelters, then it evolved into other services. We sketched out ideas and drafted pitches in our notebook. We then worked on the concept through canva, finally through figma. We even made a short demonstration video as well. Poverty is an issue that needs awareness and to be addressed not only in our neighborhood, but everywhere.

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More About this Project

When viewing on figma, please click on the arrow to move through the app prototype. Please make sure to click on the question mark icon to learn more about us, and interact which each icon, which will take you to the location map and other features of our app. Our canva version plays through each app's page and is not as interactive, but just another way to view the app.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Country Manager at InsideBoard — Emoti-Con Judge
Great presentation. The skit was fun and you it is good that you have this level of enthusiasm.
The app is very clear and has a clean design that makes it easy for the user to navigate the screens.
My advice is to make the design even more clear and understand your target users better. It seems that you are targeting citizens who want to help homeless people. Try to make that even more clear in the user interface.
Great job overall and I really enjoyed the presentation.

👏 Youth Services Manager at Saint Paul Public Library, George Latimer Central Branch — Emoti-Con Judge
I want to start out by saying that I loved your skit! I could tell that you had a fun time making the video with your group, and I had a fun time watching the results! Tt also had a valuable purpose for your project, as a great way to engage your user base and explain real-world applications of your product. Marketing and appealing to your audience are an important part of developing any technology, and you did a great job of that!

The focus of your project encapsulates a very important social issue that I personally deal with every day. As a public librarian, many of my patrons have experienced or are experiencing homelessness, and it can be difficult to connect them with the right services. Not to mention that sometimes it can be difficult to ask for this kind of help, and having an app on one's personal device could be a great way to decrease stigma around accessing these important services. Maybe you could even add a social aspect to this app, where people could rate/review certain resources, and connect with each other to share experiences and support.

At our library, we have print-outs of nearby care centers, shelters, and food banks. But sometimes we don't know the hours, or how closer they are etc. We could definitely use an app like this, with updated information and access to a helpful representative like the ones in your video!

👏 Education Modernization Team Head of Design at Meta — Emoti-Con Judge
Wow Candice, Samantha, Mia, Anna, Maximus, Judah, and Elvin – what a thoughtful idea with such strong execution! Between your ‘skit’ that shows a LIVE walk-through of your app to the animated screens you built using Canva to the clickable Figma prototypes, it all feels very connected and professional. Throughout your idea, it’s wonderful that you truly thought hard about ‘accessibility,’ an important term we use in the design world to help us represent our audience that may need extra support. Your mention to incorporate ‘translation services’ into the app for those who might have trouble speaking English is a perfect example of this. It’s also impressive your team used such industry-standard products as Canva and Figma to build your prototype & artwork; as a designer, I frequently use these, so it’s great to get acquainted with them early! I would have loved to see a bit more data around the issue of homelessness and some process as to how your team landed on this issue, but overall, it is a great concept that is very well put-together!

Feedback from the Community:

👏 a Middle School Student
I like the idea of the app, it's very helpful.
R 👏 a Middle School Student
This project is good I like how you guys where messing around while presenting your project made it funny and important at the same time great job keep up the good work
👏 a Middle School Student
This project is very helpful for the public because people that are actually struggling could benefit from it. To improve your project you can add a feature where people can report rude citizens in the chat feature.
👏 a Middle School Student
I like the chat feature in the app!
👏 a Middle School Student
This is a really helpful app! I love how you made the video both funny and informative at once.
👏 a Middle School Student
This is a really helpful app! I love how you made the video both funny and informative at once.

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