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“Ocean Pollution Cleanup”

Finalist: Most Entertaining
An App/Software Project
By Chime and Princess
High School Students from Thomas A. Edison Career & Technical High School
Larry 1

About this Project:

The challenges and issues we talk about are how marine life is negatively affected and the ocean is disturbed by the pollution we humans have caused. Many animals are killed because they get strangled or eat the trash, harming them. We also connect this to how it affects humans because we consume fish that have micro plastic in them because of their eating habits.

Our design process was that we mashed up ideas from our previous projects and created this game with the problem we chose. We first talked to each other about the ideas we had in our mind. It was confusing on what we will decide upon but we overcame it. After this we created a document to put our thoughts and dialogues into and we created a wireframe so there is no confusion between us.

Our projects has a talking sea lion that asks for help to a human for cleaning the ocean. He has many dialogues teaching us about the effects of ocean pollution and trying to convince you to help him. After you start agree to help you are sent under the ocean to clean up it's a whack o mole type game you have to click on the plastic bottle to accumulate points you can also lose points. After a few seconds the game ends and your final points is shown on the screen.

Project Media


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More About this Project

In the photos you see the home page, the dialogue, the game and the ending. The first page introduces you to the title of our game it has buttons to start the story, play the actual game, the credits page and the button to donations links you can help the ocean cleanup movement. This is a basic click and go story-telling game which shows you how it works. The game is created from App lab and the images above contain information about the game. The link to the document shows our script for the dialogues and the wireframe.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Eric Lewis 👏 Engineer Of Things at Power Home Remodeling — Emoti-Con Judge
Super fun game! I really like how you educate the users with facts and figures. The only thing that is missing is a list of ways you can help and organizations to volunteer or donate to.

Pablo Smith 👏 Creative Director at Godling Studio — Emoti-Con Judge
The storytelling part was fantastic, and gamifying experiences is generally a great way to captivate and retain an audience. I personally would love to see a bit more of a direct action taken afterwards (i.e. if you get a certain amount of points, maybe you can get a reusable bottle or something). I think that would add another level of really solidifying the message and taking a solid start towards action.

Will Brown 👏 Instructional Design Director at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
This app was amazing! I loved how engaging the design was from the opening screen, through the instructions, and into the game itself. Larry the Sea Lion was a fun character to educate your users about the dangers of ocean pollution. I did spot one little bug within the game, where the score reset each time the bottle moved. This did not affect the fun of the game though. I also really appreciated the page with links to donate to organizations working to keep our water clean. Once you have your users engaged by the game, they can click there to immediately turn that engagement into action. Keep up the amazing work!

Feedback from the Community:

👏 a High School Student
Very fun to play and informative

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