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An App/Software Project
By Maggy, Makhary, Aminatou, Momodou, Dauda and Amadou
High School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ Bronx International High School

About this Project:

You had a bad day, we made a fresh memenade to you!

Our app is about our beloved memes. In it, you can discover, share and create memes as you like it. We have templates and a bunch of supplies to make some.

We thought about what people liked. It is a good idea to make profit off of something that people get entertained by. Something people get entertained by are memes. Memes are famous nowadays.

Over the weeks we have added and thought about even more features such as being able to comment and chat with people.

Anybody who likes memes can download the game. These people can give us feedback and we can improve the app based on this

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Ryan Ona 👏 Senior Manager, Talent & Organization at Accenture — Emoti-Con Judge
Wonderful idea. We all need more creativity, fun and laughter in our lives. Memenade is a clever application that simplifies the meme creation and sharing process and hopefully brings some joy to our day. Solid presentation and design. I was able to understand the benefits of your application and how it works. I appreciate a few things about your idea and application.

- Inspires creativity and humor. Your app allows others to share and see memes easily which will bring out the creativity and humor of others.
- Makes it easy. Your app provides ideas, pictures, tools and templates to imagine, create and share easily.
- Shares humor and joy. Your app is “focused on funny” and allows people to find and share humor right when they need some levity in their lives.

As you have described, memes are prevalent on most social media platforms (e.g., Instagram) and people share memes via text message, chat, etc. Have you considered how your app might connect to these other social media platforms / communication channels? Have you considered how your app might leverage the vast meme content that is already available?

Fantastic idea with great potential. Good luck on bringing it to life and helping people create, share and laugh!

Christina Macchiarola 👏 Marketing Communications Manager at Microsoft — Emoti-Con Judge
Maggy, Makhary, Aminatou, Momodou, Dauda and Amadou -- what a fun and creative way to brighten someone's day!

Your presentation does a great job of detailing the what you want this app to achieve. You all are really thoughtful in your presentation, especially in your explanation of how people can create their own memes. I also appreciate that you are thinking about ways to grow this idea already. As the idea expands, I wonder how you might be able to connect this app to other apps people use to communicate (like putting a meme in a text message)? Congratulations on a solid effort!

Kate Rosenbloom 👏 Director of Instructional Design, 2U Boot Camps at 2U Inc. — Emoti-Con Judge
The line "When life gives you lemons, make memes" actually made me laugh out loud. Your project is so creative, so much fun and very witty. I have no doubt that lots of teens and young adults would love this app. And it does exactly what you say it will do...brightens peoples' day! It definitely brightened mine.

As a next step, I would love to see what the hilarious and creative minds behind this app could do to it to address some kind of issue in society. Maybe you can add an element that talks about depression and mental health issues (which a lot more people are experiencing after COVID isolation). If people are using Memenade to cheer themselves up, maybe you can add a section directing folks towards happiness exercises or therapy as well!

Feedback from the Community:

👏 a Middle School Student
Nice app! I think that it will attract many people, very creative idea as someone once said "memes never die, just like energy, they cant be destroyed

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