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An App/Software Project
By Ryan, Shuvojyoti, and Mir
Middle School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ The Walter Crowley Intermediate School
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About this Project:

Our app is designed to help users in case of a medical emergency and to teach users about medical emergencies in case one happens in the future.

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Community Feedback:

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Feedback from the Judges:

Claire NuΓ±ez πŸ‘ Lead Immersive Designer at IBM — Emoti-Con Judge
This project has so much potential for helping people! One of my suggestions would be to include some kind of reminders for users so they learn about how to conduct first aid before an emergency to help people faster. It may also be helpful to provide info on how people can go to first aid certification courses near them so they can get hands-on experience with a professional. This is a great app that could help people - thanks for creating something so important!

Henry McKelvey πŸ‘ Adjunct Professor, Computer Science at University of the Potomac — Emoti-Con Judge
The app seems to be based on a solid concept and is very useful.

Aurelia Kare πŸ‘ Senior UX Designer at Capital One — Emoti-Con Judge
I love this idea of putting power in people's hands on what to do in case of a medical emergency. Including videos is really helpful, too.

I would add a disclaimer about when it's time to call for professional help. I'm not a healthcare professional myself but I'm sure there's a point where someone should call 911 in certain situations.

I would also include a simple search function so the user can quickly find answers.

The blog feature is a neat idea and pretty engaging for users. I always suggest to groups and companies to offer links out to social media, so that is something you can think about. Linking out to resources which you included in one post is awesome too. Nice job all around!

Jessica Hochman πŸ‘ We Need 2 Talk & The Equity & Disproportionality Lab at Temple University — Emoti-Con Judge
The topic of medical intervention isn't often approached with a youth lens, so I really applaud this group for choosing it. This is an important subject for us all, so I think it's crucial that you decided to meet kids where they are, online, with such crucial information. As you continue to develop content, consider including a more diverse range of folks in your videos to make this app even more inclusive. I think this is a strong start and you're headed down an important path. I think you're poised to empower lots of teens to take action in their communities. It's exciting!

Yuet Chu πŸ‘ Executive Director of Support - ACCESS at NYC Department of Education — Emoti-Con Judge
I appreciate the usefulness of this app and how it empowers the user to act in medical situations. The format is clear and the videos are a nice touch. As you continue to develop this, consider what makes your app different and better than something like WebMD or YouTube? You might also add features for non-English-speakers so you can have a wider audience.

Marie Hamlett πŸ‘ Virtual Teacher at Bronx Excellence Charter — Emoti-Con Judge
This is a very cool idea and a unique approach to educating more people on how to appropriately respond in medical situations. I appreciate the deep effort of detail that went into sourcing videos and outlining steps of common emergencies. It would be interesting if you categorize medical emergency responses by skill/knowledge level needed (similar to ER room where they triage emergencies by a color system). Then you could link to certifications and more targeted videos or auto-calling for 911 or the Fire department. You've come up with a unique solution to a widespread problem. Kudos!

Feedback from the Community:

Shuvojyoti πŸ‘ a Middle School Student from One of the MediPlan creators
Thank you for this feedback! This was helpful for us knowing what to add. As we said, here at our company, MSRprojections, we are always trying to add new things into our projects. True to our company name, we always project new things into our projects!
πŸ‘ a Community Member
Very interesting project. Will probably help a lot of members in the community. Keep up the good work!
Suparna πŸ‘ a Parent
They did a great job for our community. They put in great effort. For your effort I am thanking you. You guys are the bright future for our community and country.
Shuvojyoti πŸ‘ a Middle School Student from One of the creators of MediPlan
Thank you all for your glows and glows, judges, I hope that on June 10th, all of you will be wishing me luck! If I happen to win, I will most likely be incorporating these into our app! Stay safe and see you all on the big day!

-sincerely, Roy, Shuvojyoti

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