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“Local Lunch”

Creators: Harrison, David, Sam, and Isaiah
Middle School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ PS/IS 187 Hudson Cliffs
Local Lunch Logo

About this Project:

When kids go out to eat, sometimes they don't have enough food or money. Local lunch is dedicated to affordable lunch spots in the area. It tells you some deals and combos of the places. For the students that order, it sends you to the website where you can order things.

We realized how many kids are having trouble with eating outside of school, so we created something to help them. We made something that will make kids have an easier time going out to eat. In doing so, we found ways to make it simple.

It would show you the places in your area based on zip code, and then give you a large selection of places. You chose a place, and it gives you a short description about the place, and deals and combos to go with it.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Mike Virgil
👏 Head of Commodities Technology + Head of Execution & Clearing Technology at RBC Capital Markets — Emoti-Con Judge
An extremely interesting and original idea - for an extremely important issue! Creating simple, user-friendly, accessible tools to empower young people to find affordable, healthy meals outside of school... It's a very powerful pitch. I thought the presentation was very informative, with a good introduction and further walkthrough of the app. It would be a great idea to see how to integrate more information from health / nutrition sources into the offering as well. Also, linking to other trusted external resources for kids in need of assistance would be interesting to look into. I feel that this idea has great potential - and can make a positive impact in the real world. Great job!

Amanda Rodriguez
👏 Instructional Design Manager at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
Amazing idea! I love the amount of options there are to compare food in the area and their prices.

Larry Lieberman
👏 CEO at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
Awesome! This is a great example of how technology and innovation can help solve hyper-local idea problems. Great work identifying a challenge that students and their friends encounter almost every day. The presentation is really thoughtful and motivates everyone to want to have an app like this for their local community.

Stewart Katz
👏 Director, Innovation & New Product Launches at Verizon — Emoti-Con Judge
Great idea! Really found a specific problem and tackled it. Especially liked the idea of looking at your app's future competition. You might consider two things in your next iteration. First, have a search that is based on how much money you have or are willing to spend on lunch. So if the user only has $5, what are their options? Second, consider a ratings or review function so the best value meals get known. Overall great idea and good execution.

Feedback from the Community:

Ana 👏 a Teacher from NYC
Favorite project!!!
Michaela 👏 a Middle School Student
This is so cool, I know when i went out to lunch it was hard to find good places!
👏 a Community Member from New York, NY
Thanks for helping young people eat affordable while supporting local businesses!
Martha Lucia Molina Prado 👏 a Teacher from University of Pamplona, Colombia
Interesting proyect!
👏 a Parent from New york city
Look for menus with good dietary/healthy mix
Dez 👏 a Parent from NYC
Love it!
👏 a Parent from Brentwood TN
Great idea! Could be utilized nationwide!
👏 a Community Member from New York, NY
I love anything that helps feed our young people. With prices rising so quickly, knowing where you can get an affordable meal wherever you go is essential.
Sandra Luna 👏 a Community Member from Colombia
They are very creative people
👏 a Community Member
Great app!
Kaitlyn 👏 a Community Member from NYC
So impressive and well thought out!
Carey 👏 a Community Member from Brooklyn
I live across the street from a school and this would help students explore new spots in the neighborhood and encourage local restaurants to offer student specials!
👏 a Parent
Es una muy buen opcion cuando se tiene la necesidad, porque ahorra tiempo y se va directo al lugar que cumple con las condiciones.
Eileen 👏 a Community Member from Queens, NYC
Awesome idea!
Barbara 👏 a Community Member from New York City
This is such a great idea! Students (and everyone else) can budget and find the right meal for them.
Martha Elena Giraldo Sierra 👏 a Community Member from Colombia
It is a great idea for children to have access to decent food
👏 a Parent from Colombia
Excelent project!
👏 a Teacher
Wilson 👏 a Parent from United States
This project is thoughtful, fun and fulfills an important basic need. Bravo, well done!
Héctor Aguilera 👏 a Teacher from Colombianita
Muy útil para padres y para chicos.
Wilson 👏 a Parent from United States
The project is fun, thoughtful and fulfills an important basic need - Bravo & well done!
👏 a Community Member from New York City
What a great concept!
Daniela 👏 a College Representative from Colombia
This Is such a helpfull proyect. It also has great visual and an amazing concept. Great job!!
Joe 👏 a Parent from Suburbs
Great idea.
Joe 👏 a Parent
Great idea!
CookieMonster 👏 a Community Member from Sesame Street
L is for LocalLunch
Patrick 👏 a Community Member
This is such a clever idea and well thought-out. I can easily imagine this being used!
Steph 👏 a Community Member from Manhattan
Great idea. Also good to have a kid's perspective on local restaurants.
Brian 👏 a Parent from NYC
Very cool and useful idea! Something that I could see my kids being excited about using.
Luis F. 👏 a Parent from Colombia
I think it is a very good application and it can help children to make a better decision when choosing a place to eat
Naomi 👏 a Community Member
Great project, great idea!
jerome 👏 a Community Member from france
wonderful idea + great work = best project
regis 👏 a Community Member from paris / france
outstanding, amazing, fabulous
Adam 👏 a Community Member from NYC
This is a great idea!
Glenn 👏 a Parent from NY
Wow, what a great idea for the kids! A great way for parents to ensure the kids are making good choices also.
👏 a Technology Professional
Great idea,amazing job
👏 a Community Member
Excelent work
Ivan 👏 a Community Member from France
To transfer it to other cities, to generalize.
H 👏 a Middle School Student from NY
I love the idea.It is very helpful
👏 a Community Member from New York City
Great concept!
Christina 👏 a Community Member from New jersey
Nice great work
👏 a Parent from NYC
Great idea! Making lunch affordable is a great!
Thais👏 👏 a Teacher from New Jersey
What a great project!👍
Crispin 👏 a Community Member from nyc
love the concept...
Adriana 👏 a Parent from Brooklyn NY
This will definately benefit students!
Ms. Emel 👏 a Teacher from PS/IS 187
This is such a great idea to support fellow students and the local businesses in our community. Kudos to your teamwork for creating this as a solution!

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