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Creators: Aubrianna and Destiny
High School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ High School for Environmental Studies
Immigration Go

About this Project:

The immigration process in the United States is extremely challenging. On average it takes up to 6 years to immigrate to the United States.

Immigration Go would allow for a safe and simple process of gaining US citizenship and would provide resources to help immigrants transition into the U.S.

This app makes the immigration process easier by providing resources and education. It will have a social media interface where you can connect with others.

To create our app, we applied the human-centered design process to find out the needs for an app, interviewed students in our school, and then brainstormed ideas. Once we came up with the idea, we created a storyboard, prototype, sketch, wireframe, and finally a mockup using Figma.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Henry McKelvey
👏 Adjunct Professor at University of The Potomac — Emoti-Con Judge
This app could solve a bureaucratic logjam as far as immigration goes. This could prove very useful.

Corinne Brenner
👏 Director of Learning at Killer Snails — Emoti-Con Judge
Thanks for sharing your work on this complicated problem! Calling out how complicated the immigration process is, and using human-centered design to think about putting all the resources in one place (English classes, citizenship test, rights info) is a great approach. I would have loved to see more detail about how the needs you heard about in your interviews led to specific parts of the app, and how your process refined your ideas, for example between what was included in the Sketches and the Wireframes. Figma is a great tool and we really use it to design interactive games! The idea of a social media interface where you can connect with others going through the same process also seems really useful, and something unique an app could do that isn't being done by the current system at all. Great job thinking through these issues!

Holly Tienken
👏 Associate Professor, Art & Design at Kutztown University — Emoti-Con Judge
Aubrianna and Destiny, This app is a great idea and could also be used to connect people that have successfully received their citizenship with people that are still in the process, as a way to help guide and offer support. It was very thoughtful to have the language selection be the first user option. Great design thinking!

Kathleen Dolan
👏 Director at Accenture Strategy Consulting — Emoti-Con Judge
Great job team on identifying a widespread problem (this helps ensure this is sufficient audience for your app to drive engagement numbers), coming up with a creative solution (bringing together multiple likely existing solutions into one central platform), and having broad appeal as to which organizations could use this app (e.g. it could be by a government, non profit, schools, etc.). It would be interesting to see more upfront research on what resources currently exist today, how yours would complement or stand out from those, and have a point of view on how you might expand this, for example could it be released in multiple languages? The best part of this app is the ease of understanding it's value and the simplicity in navigating.

Feedback from the Community:

👏 a Teacher
This app does a great job at solving a problem that goes unnoticed by many. 🙂

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