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“Guess the Country Quiz!”

A Coding Project
By Sanamdeep and Wazilyne
High School Students from Thomas A. Edison Career & Technical High School
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About this Project:

Americans are notorious for their lack of geography skills and understanding of the world's diverse cultures. We wanted to create a project that's designed to tackle precisely just that. We wanted to give an opportunity for everyone to test their current geography skills and see how much they know about the different countries and the different countries in the world. We wanted to develop questions that would tell the users things about the country they are being tested on and they would have a predetermined list of countries to choose from, which they will be told about before the quiz begins. They would have to guess the country from the list based on the clues given by the particular question.

Not only will this test the user's past knowledge but it will also tell the user new information about different world countries that they could add to their repertoire of world knowledge. Our idea was very last minute but we had heard something about Americans not knowing their geography on social media and got inspiration from that. That is why we designed a quiz that would be suitable for all demographics.

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More About this Project

This link is a website that goes more into depth with our project.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Marc Hayem 👏 Country Manager at InsideBoard — Emoti-Con Judge
Great web site to explain the project. It is well designed.
I like that you have working code and not just a mock-up. Because of that your UI is very simple, but I understand it's a tradeoff: nice visuals on mock-ups, or actual code that works!
Also congratulations on documenting your code so well. It is important to comment the code and you did that very clearly.
The issue you are tackling is very real, even more so outside of New York City. Lots more needs to be done to provide education to Americans about the World.
Great job!

Rigel Leonard 👏 Tech Specialist at Manhattan Chamber of Commerce — Emoti-Con Judge
Great work! I love the mission of this project because understanding that the world is not a big place with more important areas is not a healthy way to view the world. The world is a big place that feels small in a connection way when one lets themselves gain more exposure. I would like to see a future version of this program with more mockups and possible new features that can be added. Regardless, I am very interested in this application and believe this is a solid plan.

Jessica Hochman 👏 We Need 2 Talk & The Equity & Disproportionality Lab at Temple University — Emoti-Con Judge
As someone from the Midwest, I fully co-sign on your thesis that Americans are TERRIBLE at geography, even of our own country ;) Your plan to teach us geography is a good one, and creating games and quizzes are a great way to teach that content. Your website does such a clear job of mapping out your design process with images and concise text, and I was also glad I got to play the game. (I spelled Uruguay wrong--argh!-- so I didn't get 100%. I'll have to keep playing.) Awesome job!

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