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“Global Warming Word Art”

Creators: Rezeea
a High School Student from Thomas A. Edison Career & Technical High School
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About this Project:

It's a word art image that is masked surrounding the topic of global warming, with words that could be associated with global warming.

My teacher assigned use to do a word art project discussing a global issue. The issue I chose was global warming.

To create this project we all jotted down words that remind us and are associated surrounding the topic. The words in the word art image are either emotions we feel, nouns, and adjectives.

After creating an idea, I went to photoshop and used the text tool and other tools, such as crop and masking tool, and placed a globe as the background with different texts. I attempted to make the words shaped like a globe to have an image included with the word.

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Feedback from the Judges:

Maggie Muldoon
👏 Director of Learning Design at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
This is beautiful art about a very important subject! I am a visual artist who uses Photoshop all the time in my work, so I know how much time and effort this must have taken. The mask tool is not easy to master, but you have done a really great job using it, and customizing these words to convey a message - Really well done! I could see this being used to spread awareness on social media and beyond. Have you ever explored using frame animation in Photoshop? I think this could look really cool as an animation too.
I hope you keep making digital artwork - especially about such meaningful subject matter!

Sarah Maldonado
👏 Director of Program Performance at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
I love the word association! Especially using a variety of kinds of words – emotions, nouns, and adjectives. It would be really interesting to join all three components into one image. Perhaps something that singular (that looks like a logo) or something longer/wider that tells a story. Great job!

Will Brown
👏 Director of Instructional Design at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
I am impressed by your photoshop skills! I have always wanted to try it, but never had the time or guidance. I like the way you used masking on the word money with dollar bills making the word. I wish I could see the images used for the rest of the words a little bit more though. I second what another judge said about the different types of words. My mind immediately went to scientific words about global warming from when I taught Earth Science, but by including the emotions that it brings up can really open peoples' eyes to the ways it affects people at an individual level. Thank you for sharing your art and emotions with us!

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