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“Emoti-Con Brand Re-Design: Choose your Favorite!”

a Design Project
By Xiangru, Kyle, Mimi,, Lillian, Alexandra, Doraliza, and Emily
High School Students from Emoti-Con Design Fellows @ Parsons Scholars Program
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About this Project:

Help us choose a new design and brand direction for Emoti-Con!

The Emoti-Con Design Fellows are students from the Parsons Scholars program at the Parsons School of Design. They spent several weeks this spring learning about the Emoti-con NYC Youth Digital Media & Tech Challenge to discover what it represents from a youth perspective: an opportunity to access a community that welcomes and celebrates students’ innovation on how to use digital tools for positive changes.

Then, they worked to explore new branding directions for Emoti-Con. Look through both proposals and tell us what you think in the comments!

Design Proposal 1 is by Kyle: "With inspiration from an impossible square for the arms representing emoti-con’s ability to connect people and ideas. Primary colors for the color scheme to represent the artistic and design elements of emoti-con. And the words “Think Outside The Box” to represent the process of making this logo and what emoti-con embodies at its core my logo was complete!"

Design Proposal 2 is by Xiangru: "The logo mainly consists of a human hand and a machine hand in the shape of an electric bulb indicating cooperation and ideas. The blue and green of the hands indicate the world."

Share your feedback and ideas in the comments!

Project Media


Screen Shot 2022 05 26 at 10 13 44 AM Screen Shot 2022 05 26 at 10 11 05 AM

More About this Project

The links have presentations about both proposals including details about how they came up with their brand idea and how the ideas evolved over time.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Henry McKelvey 👏 Adjunct Professor, Computer Science at University of the Potomac — Emoti-Con Judge
It shows a way of uniting many peoples for a common cause.

Feedback from the Community:

👏 a Middle School Student
i like the think out side the box one
👏 a Parent
I vote for Design Proposal 1 is by Kyle: “Think Outside The Box”. It’s creative.
Ronnie Chan 👏 a Parent from Whitestone, NY
I like Design Proposal 1 by Kyle. I love his work, his style amazes me. This is truly beautiful, well done!
Yuenmei Cheng 👏 a Parent from Bayside, NY
I like Design Proposal 1 by Kyle looks very creative, the colors that catches the human eye.
👏 a Parent
Design Proposal 1 by Kyle
👏 a Parent
I like design one. It's very creative.
Lina 👏 a Parent from Parent
Kyle's Think Outside the box is different and fresh with the colors and the collaborative momentum. Nice work.
👏 a Parent
Design Proposal 1 by Kyle just love it.
Kaiden 👏 a High School Student from Great Neck, NY
My choice will be Kyle's Think Outside the box - Design Proposal 1.
ANGELICA 731 👏 a Middle School Student
👏 a Parent from Flushing, NY
I vote for Design Proposal 1 by Kyle, a beautiful design that is clear and catchy, very nicely done!
Justin 👏 a High School Student
I think Design Proposal 1 by Kyle looks very nice.
Austin 👏 a High School Student
My choice will be Design Proposal 1 by Kyle, very cool design.

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