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“Crime Watch”

Creators: Ronaldo, Carl and Brianna
High School Students from Mouse Design League (BCCP) @ HSSL at Erasmus Campus
Crime Watch

About this Project:

Our project intends to let people stay safe when visiting new cities or places, and lets them make smart choices.

We discovered this issue after finding out a majority of people we asked would avoid going to dangerous areas. We worked off of this information and realized that people may know places to avoid in their communities, but not while visiting other cities. We’ve designed a solution to let people know of dangerous areas in other cities when they want to travel, so they can stay safe no matter where they are.

People will be able to use the app to check the frequency of crimes in any place they want to visit, and can book hotels and restaurant reservations, and tickets in safe areas so they can keep them and their families safe.

Project Media


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Screen Shot 2022 05 23 at 11 38 44 AM
Crime Watch 2



More About this Project

Please zoom in to view the figma link in more detail!

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Rucha Khanolkar
👏 User Experience Designer at Publicis Sapient — Emoti-Con Judge
Awesome work utilizing tools like Figma to create your designs! As someone who designs a lot of app screens, I thought you did an amazing job documenting your design process from ideation to storyboarding to low and high fidelity wireframes. I think this app could have a lot of success, especially if you continue to work on how you differentiate yourselves from other apps already on the market. Again, great work team!

Elizabeth Sumpter
👏 Development Director at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
This was a wonderful app design! I really enjoyed how the group thought about the challenges of finding crime within their respective communities. It's so important that more apps like this are created to bring awareness of the frequency of crimes that occur within different environments. Lastly, the design creation of the storyboard looked really good. Great work team!

Perri Meeks
👏 Director of Programs at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
Great work on this design! It is innovative that the app displays hotel and food information. Crime is certainly a challenge to communities and you have taken it on with a creative approach. Visually your app is pleasing. Have you thought about where information about dangerous areas will come from? I think you app has the potential to help many people!

Doug Rohde
👏 Software Engineering Manager at Google — Emoti-Con Judge
This is a great idea for an app that should be really possible to build. There are public databases of crime rates and incidents that you could draw on. The fact that it's on a mobile device could make it much more useful then just a website, since it could track your location and send you warnings when you're in or heading to a dangerous area. You could also make it sensitive to the time of day, since a lot of places may be more dangerous at night or on weekends. Anyway, great job on the design and this looks like it really could be useful.

Feedback from the Community:

Eleanor 👏 a High School Student from NY!
I really liked the design of your app. Although it is similar to Citizen, I liked that your app showed the areas where there was a large quantity of crime instead of specific crimes.
👏 a Middle School Student
I had a similar idea to this but overall it was really good!

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