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“Coder X”

Creators: Ananais
Middle School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ IS 318
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About this Project:

Nowadays, very Few People Will Actually Become Successful When Learning How To Code, While Others Aren’t Successful, and Might Get Stuck On Something, And Might Not Know What To Do Next. And That’s Where CODER X Comes Into Play…

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Henry McKelvey
👏 Adjunct Professor at University of The Potomac — Emoti-Con Judge
The app seeks to provide training for coders, which is a good thing!

Kristina Rettig
👏 Sr. Product Manager, Z-Team at Tinder — Emoti-Con Judge
Ananais has done a great job of identifying a user problem that I’m sure isn’t lost on anyone who has tried to learn how to code. As someone who has taken a few coding classes, I know how difficult it can be to grasp coding concepts as they increase in complexity. I also think that an app like this could be helpful in getting more kids who are intimidated by coding to give it a shot. This could potentially be very effective in communities where there aren’t a lot of STEM resources.

I think one thing that could help you communicate your idea even more is with some basic wireframes with placeholder content that could show how easy it is to use the app; even the barest of designs can often communicate a mountain of useful information to your users, and make your ideas resonate. I think it may also be helpful to think about some sample coding languages you want to offer, and think about what a curriculum may look like within the app so that potential users don’t see it as intimidating.

Overall, you’ve identified the user problem well and identifuied a space that could have a lot of impact as our world becomes more reliant on technology (and will be even moreso in the future). I think the next step is thinking of how your designs could put your users at ease and make this app a hit with budding engineers or for people trying to uplevel their skills.

Saul Einbinder
👏 Technology Lecturer at Several Universities — Emoti-Con Judge
Coding can be difficult, so it's great that you are looking at ways to help people to be successful at it.

As your development continues I can't wait to see a few screen mockups of what the app could look like once the user is logged in. That will help you perfect your ideas before (or while) you are doing your own coding.

Darrin Amellio
👏 Creative Lead Experience Design at Publicis Sapient — Emoti-Con Judge
There is a pain-point that the Coder-X app is solving for, as someone who has taken coding classes - this would have really helped me! Conceptually this is a good idea, and I can see how machine-learning could be impactful in the learning process of the Coding Student to help accelerate in the learning process.

How Code-X app solves for it, is not entirely clear - wireframes / rough sketches could help better demonstrate this great idea and help others understand how it functions!

Looking forward to seeing how this idea evolves!

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