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“Clothing Shop Replica”

High School Students from Thomas A. Edison Career & Technical High School

About this Project:

I came up with the idea after I needed to submit an AP computer science principles task. I was debating on what to do but settled on this. The code itself evolved a lot from the start basic code. The purpose of the code is entertainment. My project works by using input from people to determine what happens next in the code.

My project is supposed to stimulate a website where you are displayed with different options of buying clothing. You as the user give input into my code in which your input is important because each input will have a different output. I wanted to give users using my code a variety of different possibilities and outcomes of code. I used a lot of if and else if functions in my code to have many possible outcome options so you can use my code more than once and not get bored.

Overall, coding can be very difficult and you will run into a lot of "bugs", or otherwise known as errors. The key to programming is to never give up and always be prepared to bug fix and correct your code.

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Community Feedback:

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Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Sr Manager of Curriculum at Girls Who Code — Emoti-Con Judge
Giving your users meaningful choice is so important and I love that you started from this idea. I think it is especially relevant when developing a piece of technology that is so closely tied to personal identity as selecting and buying the clothes people use to express themselves. I also love that you considered reusability as a key feature of your project. In all of the positions I’ve held from educator to game designer to creative technologist to maker community organizer, “replayability" is highly valued right alongside ease of use, personalization, etc. It’s wonderful that you already have an intuition for this. I also really like clear instructions you give users and options for them to always return back to a starting point.

I know programming can be challenging with all of the bugs that you find along the way (even after almost 10 years of coding, I still create bugs all the time!). From what I’ve read about your process, your tenacity, optimism, and curiosity will serve you well! As you continue to develop this project, you could think about the following questions/ideas as you iterate: (1) How might you go about identifying a specific audience who would use this, then testing it with them? One of the things I love most about working in this space is the unexpected feedback I receive through playtesting; (2) I wonder if it might be helpful for people to see images to help them make a decision about what to buy. The current interface is clear and direct, but visuals can often help tell a story about the product; (3) Since choice is important to you, I wonder if there are more opportunities for people to make decisions based on their own styles and tastes. For example, perhaps they can choose the text or image on the graphic hoodie. Great job again and hope to see how this evolves!

👏 Engineer Of Things at Power Home Remodeling — Emoti-Con Judge
This is a fun project, I love that it's written in Python. It reminds me of the old text based games of the past. A choose your own adventure of sorts! These games have regained popularity and you may consider building one useing this coding method!

👏 Virtual Teacher at Bronx Excellence Charter — Emoti-Con Judge
I am so impressed with your work! Your Clothing Shop concept is really easy to understand and unique. Specifically, I like that you identify your indexing and input and output from users as the focus of designing this code. This reminds me of the innovation that Stitch Fix and Virtual Closet websites use for their customers. I wonder how you would market this more for the average high schooler like yourself?

Feedback from the Community:

Gursimorjot 👏 a High School Student
Very creative and fun.

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