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“Chilling Out”

An App/Software Project
By Sabina
a High School Student from Thomas A. Edison Career & Technical High School
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About this Project:

My project addresses anxiety, a common issue in the world. I researched many solutions to this issue but people aren't always thrilled to try them out because those solutions are not quite fun or challenging, and the issue remains unresolved. I realized that if deep breathing was a game, it would encourage people to take time out of their day and challenge themselves. Initially, I came up with the idea that it needs to be a game with a timer for people to do the deep breathing exercise. Later on, I decided to add instructions. If the user can complete the timer, they win.

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More About this Project

The app has the buttons "Start" and "Instructions." Once the user clicks Instructions, a note about what the user should do appears on the screen. Once the user clicks Start, the timer starts and the user has to follow the instructions until the timer ends. The user then has successfully completed the game.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Dipali Aphale 👏 Design Strategist (UX, Strategy, Product, Facilitation)) at IBM — Emoti-Con Judge
This project is addressing a real need in a minimalistic way - well done! In the future, consider engaging ways to create a more interactive experience.

Sierra Stone 👏 Growth and Partnerships Manager at Wix Education — Emoti-Con Judge
As someone who lives with anxiety, I absolutely love this idea! I ALWAYS want to find time to meditate but never have the motivation to do so - and just knowing the benefits is not enough. Adding the competition aspect would allow people to potentially find more motivation to calm their anxiety. A cool addition might be to compete with friends or be able to see friend's progress. This has so much potential to impact people!

Sariyah Idan 👏 Teaching Artist at Pockets Change — Emoti-Con Judge
As a regular meditator, I think the playfulness of deep breathing as a game is genius. People get stressed out when you talk about meditating to help deal with anxiety. Stress and anxiety are certainly their own pandemic in many ways, and it's great that you are addressing this. Deep breathing is meditation at its core, and this game makes it fun in a way that I think could engage more people in the practice. I tried the game, set the timer, did my breathing, and felt much calmer after winning the game :) I think the simplicity is also great, and makes it easier for folks who are stressed to engage......

My one suggestion would be to have some kind of sound that happens once the timer is up and you win. This way users can close their eyes and really let into the experience, and also feel a celebratory sense of accomplishment by winning. Being creative with what kind of sound you select for this can also help to show the game's uniqueness in relation to meditation timer apps.... Such a fun way to approach a really big and heavy topic in our society!

Feedback from the Community:

chime 👏 a High School Student
So Simple yet impactful. We all need to chill.

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