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“Charm City Studios”

An App/Software Project
By Nina, Maeve, and Jennifer
Middle School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) at the Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria
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About this Project:

Our problem is that families don't have enough money or time to have their children join programs in performing arts. Because of this, some kids can't live their dreams just because of their family’s financial status or schedule.

We discovered this problem from our own experiences and while interviewing other people.

One example is when we interviewed Nicole Mcfadden, Digital Dancer, she said that she had to make sacrifices like missing birthday parties including her own and fun events because she was always dancing.

We developed our ideas by using personal experience and asking other people about theirs. We also were thinking about everything that would help our idea develop and grow. We thought of multiple ideas but had to just choose the best. We got our resources from interviews and personal experiences, we also took competitors' ideas and made it better.

Project Media


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More About this Project

The video is a run through of what our app would look like as a website, and the link is to our prototype website, where you can view the links mentioned in the video.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Peter Smith 👏 Senior Engineer at Studio MDHR — Emoti-Con Judge
"Performance shouldn't be limited to the privileged" - boy is that spot-on! I think this is a fantastic message and a fantastic philosophy to build an app around. I also think it's wonderful that you put your focus on the humanities. There's so much focus on helping kids get into tech--and obviously that's great, or none of us would be here!--but there's also a lot more to life than that, and self-expression is so important. The student spotlight is also a great touch! Lastly, I have to say that your presentation is excellent--I'm not sure which of the three of you is doing the presentation, but the energy and animation in your voice does so much to bring the idea to life. Fabulous work, and you should be really proud.

Tess Mattimore 👏 Consultant / Engagement Manager at IBM — Emoti-Con Judge
Nina, Maeve, and Jennifer - amazing work! Your vision for Charm City Studio is so clear and passionate - "Performance shouldn't be limited to the privileged" is spot on. I loved hearing your walk-through of the user experience of the site. The site design is very clear, easy to follow, and visually beautiful. I especially liked how you differentiated your concept with the "frolic" idea. Mixing in ways for the community to come together physically is so important in a virtual/online community. Keep up the great work and cannot wait to hear about Charm City Studios in the future.

Robert Bertagna 👏 Product Manager at RIA in a Box — Emoti-Con Judge
Hi team - Great concept for an important issue! You are talented web designers that created an elaborate, detailed, and aesthetic solution to a big social problem. Your feature-rich program could be a powerful community for young artists to develop and learn regardless of background. I especially enjoyed the media upload features to share artistic insights and performances.

As you further develop Charm City Studios, I think the next hurdle is understanding how to best recruit talented arts teachers. What benefits can you offer to make the program appealing and rewarding for them? Overall, amazing work and I'm excited to see Charm City Studios continue to grow in the future.

Kim Francisco 👏 East Coast - Implementation - Custom Ecommerce at Dutchie — Emoti-Con Judge
Wow, I am impressed with the delivery and execution of the website and presentation. All of your passions stand out here.
I love the website user experience and the resources you've provided to allow someone to do what they love in arts and music. I agree with all that the judges mentioned regarding your app philosophy "Performance shouldn't be limited to the privileged" - this will be your driving force to success! I look forward to seeing where Charm City Studios go!

Feedback from the Community:

amra 👏 a High School Student from new york
you guys did really good job and it really good
Olivia 👏 a Middle School Student
I love this idea! So creative!
Erin 👏 a Middle School Student from Boston
This is a masterpiece and i love dancing i hope you win
👏 a Technology Professional
This is a BEAUTIFUL design and a great idea. Your pitch and walk through video are very professional too. I want to sign up for an annual frolic! Amazing work, team!
Maeve 👏 a Middle School Student
Thank you all so much for your feedback! It means the world to us to have our project be seen and recognized, even if we don’t win :)
- Maeve

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