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“Better School Food”

Creators: Gabriela and Crismeily
Middle School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ IS 206
Gabriela and Crismeilys App Title Logo 2022

About this Project:

Better School Food: An app to improve the taste of food at school

A major problem in our school is that many students do not eat the school food, which they don't like. As a result, they suffer malnutrition during the school day. This is unacceptable. In addition, they are too hungry to concentrate on their studies or learn anything.

The plan is to change the lunch food at school to offer students more tasty and nutritious food, cooked fresh every day. Restaurants, parents, and school leaders can log into the app to give feedback and ask neighborhood restaurants near the school to participate in this public service that helps students.

To encourage restaurants to participate, we will inform them that this is a tax-deductible donation. The restaurant will also be able to send advertisements to recommend parents to go to the restaurant that is donating their food.

When a restaurant shows interest, they will be given the school principal’s contact information to make a call or message the school to make a plan to donate food. There is also a message section in the app for restaurants and school leaders to communicate, and a section for students and parents to “like” a restaurant and ask them to join the Better School Food Program.

A function we can add later is that the restaurants can send the meal schedule to the parents so that they know that their children ate and if they ate well, and also the principal of the school can register to organize the meal times.

Un gran problema en nuestra escuela es que muchos estudiantes no comen la comida de la escuela, que no les gusta. Como resultado, sufren desnutrición durante la jornada escolar. Esto es inaceptable. Además, tienen demasiada hambre para concentrarse en sus estudios o aprender algo.

El plan es cambiar la comida del almuerzo en la escuela para ofrecer a los estudiantes alimentos más sabrosos y nutritivos, cocinados frescos todos los días. Los restaurantes, los padres y los líderes escolares pueden iniciar sesión en una aplicación para dar su opinión y pedir a los restaurantes del vecindario cerca de la escuela que participen en este servicio público que ayuda a los estudiantes.

Para animar a los restaurantes a participar, les informaremos que se trata de una donación deducible de impuestos. El restaurante también podrá enviar anuncios para recomendar a los padres que vayan al restaurante que está donando su comida.

Cuando un restaurante muestre interés, se le dará la información de contacto del director de la escuela para hacer una llamada o enviar un mensaje a la escuela para hacer un plan para donar alimentos. También hay una sección de mensajes en la aplicación para que los restaurantes y los líderes escolares se comuniquen. Y para que los estudiantes y padres de familia den "me gusta" a un restaurante y les pidan que se unan al programa Better School Food.

Una función que podemos agregar más adelante es que los restaurantes pueden enviar el horario de comidas a los padres para que sepan que sus hijos comieron y si comieron bien, y también el director de la escuela puede registrarse para organizar los horarios de las comidas.

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More About this Project

Included is a video of how the app functions in Figma. Please view the full screen to see all the features. Thank you.

We all want...Better School Food!! Thank you!

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Director of Instructional Design, 2U Boot Camps at 2U Inc. — Emoti-Con Judge
This is such a great and unique idea to address the problem of students not eating lunch at school. I was a picky eater when I was younger and sometimes only ate cookies and chips for lunch because I hated the school food! It wasn't healthy and I was always starving by the end of the day. If local restaurants had donated healthy food, I bet I would've eaten a much healthier lunch and, who knows, maybe I would've been valedictorian! I also love that your team used the Figma platform to design your app. That's a platform that professional app designers use when wireframing their ideas! Where I work, we use also Figma when teaching adults how to become UX/UI designers for websites.

Another way you might be able to sell the idea to local restaurants is to talk to them about another big problem: food waste. A lot of extra food from restaurants goes to waste at the end of the day. I bet a lot of restaurants would be happy not to see their food go in the trash, and instead go to appreciative students. As a next step, it might be good to think about how that food from restaurants will get to the schools. Who is responsible for delivering it? And how can you make sure there's enough donated food to feed every student?

👏 Director of Instructional Design at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
First of all, I love that you included language options in your app! In a city as diverse as NY, we cannot reach everyone with only English. Now on to the app itself. I LOVE this idea! It's such a creative way to address the problem of school lunches. One underrated aspect of your app is that you allow users (like administrators, students, and parents) to request restaurants to join the program and also allow restaurants to seek out nearby schools that are in the program. You did a great job of framing this as a win-win for both the schools and restaurants (tax deductions, publicity, etc.). I know that this would get many restaurants interested in participating and getting their names out into the community. As for the design of the app, I think the colors and images you chose matched the theme really well. If there is one opportunity for growth, I would say that it is on the restaurant information page. Instead of 9 photos, you could have a photo carousel and then information about the types of food that they provide. Keep up the great work!

👏 Associate Professor of Media Design at Parsons School of Design — Emoti-Con Judge
This is such an important issue! I love that you are looking at problems that affect the everyday well-being of youth in NYC. I thought it was really great how your proposal could not only improve the quality of life for NYC youth by providing tasty nutritious lunches, but also help bolster local and small businesses in a surrounding community. Stakeholders are key in any project that aspires to create change through designing new systems, and this project is no exception. I encourage you to keep working on thinking about what each stakeholder in this project has to gain by participating. I love how you were already thinking along this direction by including school staff and parents! Nice work!

Feedback from the Community:

William 👏 a Middle School Student from NYC brooklyn
I love the idea as a school student that doesn’t like the school food I see this as amazing, I hope this helps the school food problem
Isatou 👏 a Middle School Student
I love this I think that it would be really helpful to schools and plus they’re getting something in return this is a great app.
Marisa 👏 a Technology Professional
School lunch is the worst. Thank you for making this app with fellow students in mind! Very impressive!

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