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“A.C.E. Mobile”

Finalist: Best Pitch
An App/Software Project
By Fanikia, Wesal, and Muhammad
High School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ Academy for Conservation and the Environment

About this Project:

Good afternoon, honorable guests, and teachers. I am Wesal and my partners are Muhammad and Fanikia. Today we are here to present our app, ACE mobile. This idea was adapted from a survey we conducted in our computer science class last semester. We wanted to see whether or not students/teachers were interested in academic clubs to help with academic performance. The reason we wanted to do this was because of our usually unproductive classroom setting, and how the unproductivity got in the way of fun activities.

Example responses:

How do you feel about academic clubs? "IDC"

Students show a lack of drive when it comes to things like this. "Trash"

Are there any subjects you're weak in? If so, what do you think is holding you back? "I'm weak in my living environment class and I think it's just the fact I'm lazy that's holding me back."

"Earth Science. I just don't understand most of the work."

The results of the survey showed that most students weren’t interested in joining clubs or increasing their grades. We also found out that we lacked a school website that could provide important information for students. When we were told about the Mouse Create project, we leaped at the chance to fix both of these problems with a single app. ACE Mobile provides important dates and links for the various clubs at the school (A.C.E), along with a schedule for extra tutoring hours. Our hope is to create a one-stop-shop for everything a student needs to know to get their grades up.

The app has 2 main features for users. Firstly, there are pages for certain clubs. For example, the debate page. It has upcoming events, recent events, and important links for people who might want to join. There’s also Art Club, which shares the same format as Debate. Upcoming events, recent events, and important links. Included is a demo collage for the Art we intend to put onto the finalized version of the app.

The second big feature is the tutoring schedule (go back to the home screen, click schedule). It is a weekly calendar that helps students when and where certain teachers provide extra help. For example, a student studying for the US History regents could look through the schedule to find out the hours for US History tutoring.

In conclusion, we made this app to help students who were struggling. We know firsthand what it’s like trying to get your grades up, so this app is our solution to this problem. We hope that this app will help ACE students coordinate and organize in school.

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More About this Project

Book a space

We created this sub-app for students who prefer one-on-one help with teachers. Students like myself struggle to focus in crowded settings. As mentioned, you might not wanna go to the tutoring sessions where there are other students around. With Book a space you are able to book a time and day for tutoring with any teacher.

Alongside this, we want to host a remind-like communications feature on a later version of ACE Mobile. It’d make the app a true all-rounder that students could easily use to converse with each other and teachers.

Surveys & feedback / Events at ACE

We also want to create a general calendar for trips, tests, and other happenings. Students can easily view this calendar and build their own schedules around them. There is also a page for surveys created by other students, and feedback they might want to give to the App’s Administrators.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Chelsea Rodriguez 👏 Computer Science Graduate at Queens College — Emoti-Con Judge
This app idea is exceptional, this app can be a powerful tool especially amongst students who aren't as agreeable to the standard classroom setting. These students took the extra step to conduct a survey to demonstrate real data and included the idea of making this app a "one stop shop" which is a major trend especially with most apps using cloud to make the usability easier for the user!

Mike Virgil 👏 Head of Commodities Technology + Head of Execution & Clearing Technology at RBC Capital Markets — Emoti-Con Judge
An innovative and impactful idea! I really appreciated how the presentation was so direct about the student feedback and problem statement. The introduction really generated interest - and I instantly wanted to hear more about how your app would help to address these issues. I thought the design choices were smart and effective, and would make the app easy to understand, navigate, and achieve your desired goals as a user. I would love to see this application pitched to school administrators. There could be a real partnership opportunity between this application and educational centers everywhere. Great presentation of an app with immense potential!

Amanda Rodriguez 👏 Instructional Design Manager at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
This is an amazing idea! I can see students taking advantage of the school's information on this app presented in a way that is easier to access than a school website, which as you mentioned, might not even have the information that you're looking for. I like that you app includes club information as well as ways to schedule tutoring hours to boost grades, including one-on-one tutoring sessions. I also love the look and colors of your app and its ease to navigate. Very well done!

Alessandra Affinito 👏 Youth Services Manager at Saint Paul Public Library, George Latimer Central Branch — Emoti-Con Judge
This is a fantastic project that clearly shows your commitment to helping your peers and your skills in developing app interfaces. I really appreciated how you first took time to survey classmates, and also wove in your own personal experiences to come up with an idea that would be beneficial to all. this is a great quality in tech innovation, and I hope you continue to consider ideas with that compassionate lens!

As someone who does a lot of extra-curriculars, and also works with schools regularly, I can see this app being extremely useful in coordinating schedules and getting students more involved. There are often many different interfaces for scheduling, school websites, and organizational tools, and sometimes the sheer amount of online resources can be overwhelming for students/teachers. But this idea, along with your clear, bold design and easy-to navigate interface would help make that more approachable.

Feedback from the Community:

👏 a High School Student
This is a really good idea and a very helpful one for students that are still struggling in their academics and grades in school.
Muhammad 👏 a Parent from Staten Island, NY
Excellent work, like it.

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